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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have any pre-designed boxes which I can purchase?

Yes we do! You can shop our pre-designed boxes here or purchase a sample pack here

Should I use CMYK or RGB for my artwork?

Please supply files as CMYK (not RGB) and set all solid black to: C 20%, M 20%, Y 20%, K 100%. If a specific colour is required, a Pantone colour reference must be supplied during checkout. Pantone colours will be matched to our printers’ closest CMYK equivalent. Exact colour matches may not always be possible.

Are the dimensions listed on inke external or internal?

The dimensions listed on our online store are external measurements of Length x Width x Height (mm).

To view the internal size & specs for each template, click download template where all information is listed on the front page of the PDF

Can you design my artwork for me?

Unfortunately we do not offer artwork creative services just yet – That being said, visit our design help page here & connect with freelance designers tailored to your budget through 99designs, Australia’s leading freelance marketplace.

Designing with light colour tones

If you are planning on designing your package using light colour hues (i.e pale blue), ensure you select a Clay material option. The blank white coated surface acts a blank canvas to bring the most out of your design.

Do not select a Kraft material if designing with light colour tones, as the natural brown colour of the cardboard dulls the colour of the printed ink, which will result in a finish that does not look the same as your PDF design.

If the colour choices are very pale/light, please keep in mind the overall finish may not look ‘Solid’ rather slightly ‘Grainy’, this is due to the digital print process – read more about this in section ‘Materials & Printing’ of our FAQs

Designing with bold colour tones

We always recommend bold colour tones to get the best overall finish from your design, strong/solid colour choices will result in the most superb finish as the density in the colour stands out more against the white surface than to that of what a light colour will.

Using text on my design

Printing text onto your box is a great way of communicating with your customers & telling your brand’s story. To get the best result from this, remember that bigger is always better!

Please use no smaller than 12pt, as if the text is too small/fine it can slightly bleed resulting in a fuzzy finish. Digital printing does not print small text to the same clarity as to what you would see in a magazine.

Same goes for colour, as mentioned in the above answers. For your best result choose a bold colour text on a light colour background.

Designing on Kraft

When designing on Kraft material, here are a few key things to note:

We can not print white ink at this stage, any sections on your PDF that are left as ‘white’ will be left unprinted which will ultimately leave those areas throughout the design as natural Kraft.

Solid/Dark colour choices are our recommended selections for designing on Kraft products as they stand out against the natural colour of the material, whereas lighter colour choices will appear slightly dulled. The printed colour is reduced due to the absorption from the Kraft material, meaning light colour choices will not print true to the PDF design.

Designing on Clay

This is our most popular material. The clay-coated surface on the cardboard acts as blank white surface to complement all colour selections & any design printed to it.

What type of cardboard do you use?

All of our products come with a choice of material to print on, Kraft or Clay. Depending on the product chosen these will be printed in either E-Flute or B-Flute variants.

Are your boxes safe for direct postage?

Yes, all of our boxes are safe for direct postage in the mail, no bags required!

That being said – If you are planning on shipping fragile goods, we suggest adding a fragile sticker to protect your freight.

Are your boxes printed in Gloss or Matte?

You can choose between Gloss or Matte print finishes as you finalise your order – It’s completely up to you & it doesn’t alter the price!

Can you print white ink?

Unfortunately not. If your PDF design has white in it, choose a Clay material.

We can not print White on to Kraft material at this stage, that being said, to achieve the same look you can use a high resolution image of Kraft material & apply it to the background of your PDF design – We can then print the Kraft background direct to the Clay material, which believe it or not gives the same overall look – If you’re considering it, try purchasing 10 units to see for yourself!

Can you print foil?

Unfortunately no we can not.

Can you print Pantone (PMS) colours

Yes we can, simply reference it in the notes section once you’ve added your PDF to cart upon finalising your order.

Can you print on the inside of your boxes?

Yep! We can print on every square cm of our boxes – inside & out.

Where are your boxes manufactured?

Our boxes are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Where do you source the cardboard you use from?

Our cardboard is sourced from an industry leading manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Are your boxes eco-friendly?

We care greatly about sustainability – The vast majority of the cardboard we source & use to produce our products contains recycled materials. Our boxes are sourced & produced 100% in Australia. All of our products are printed via a digital printing process, which positively impacts the environment by reducing much of the chemical & physical waste that is found in traditional printing methods – Ultimately creating an eco-friendly solution for you & your brand.

How are your boxes printed? And what is Digital printing?

We print our boxes using a method called digital printing, using a 4 colour CMYK process.

Digital printing is the process of making prints from an electronic file. The artwork is supplied as a PDF file from your computer & then printed directly to the material. It is a popular alternative process to traditional printing methods such as flexography, lithography, offset & screen-printing. 

The process eliminates the majority of the steps that other methods require, such as colour proofs, films, plates, etc… Digital printing is convenient & highly effective in comparison to these other methods, as it offers a quicker & more effective solution.

Benefits of digital print include – On-demand printing, no set up costs, cost-effective prices on small to large run packaging, quick turnaround times & customisable printing options (Variable Data).

What is the environmental difference between digital printing & other ways of printing?

The digital printing process uses UV inks which is far more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods – Ultraviolet (UV) inks come in a liquid form and turns solid once exposed to UV light.

This eco-friendly ink is applied the same way as conventional ink during the printing process, but once it passes under the light it dries within seconds. Unlike conventional inks, UV inks do not contain solvents that evaporate and release VOCs, which are considered harmful to the environment. Using UV ink also provides a faster turnaround time since it dries quickly, thereby increasing production speed and helping you save on costs.

How much weight can your boxes hold?

Suggested content weight for our products are as follows; Mailer boxes 0-10kg, Beer 0-20kg, Wine 0-15kg, Shippers 0-20kg.

Taping & Glueing

Our mailer boxes are completely self-lockable, requiring no tape or glue to assemble.

Our **beer, wine & shipper products are glued at the join & will require tape in order to see contents closed.


**Some beer products are self lockable & require no glue. Download the template to view in more detail.

Can I use your boxes for food packaging

If your food is sealed in an air-tight wrapper then yes, however if you are planning on the food being in direct contact with the cardboard (i.e Pizza in a box) then no, our packaging process does not not meet health standards for consumable food packaging.

Can I get a sample of my box?

All of our boxes are made to order. We strongly suggest taking advantage of our low minimum order quantities & using your final artwork to purchase 10 boxes. That way you can see your final product first hand before locking in a larger order.

If you don’t have a design ready but you are keen to check out the quality – you can purchase a sample pack here or a pre-designed box here.


Taping & Glueing

Our mailer boxes are self-locking & require no glue or tape to assemble.

Our wine, beer & shipper boxes are glued at the join, so you can easily assemble them when you need it. You’ll notice on the PDF template for these products it says “no print area” – this is where we apply the glue, so it’s best if you leave that section blank as the glue applies better to a non-printed surface.

Our shipper boxes require tape to hold the folds closed when you are ready to use them – we suggest using acrylic tape.

How long is your turnaround times?

All orders placed require a lead time of up to 14 working days to be delivered. In most cases it will be delivered much quicker – we just ask that you allow for this turnaround as a maximum.

Do you offer proofs before the box goes into production?

In order to speed up the process & provide a self servicing platform, online orders do not receive a proof prior to production – All saved PDFs submitted through are considered as approved print ready files.

If there is an issue with the artwork submitted & is ultimately unusable, we will notify you to re-submit prior to commencement of production.

That being said, if you require a proof prior to production, get in touch with us here before placing an order & we can provide one to you.

Can I cancel an order I just placed

Unfortunately not, once an order is placed it is sent to our print room for instant processing – please be sure you are ready to print & have double checked your artwork/details before placing an order.

Can I change the artwork or an order I just placed

Unfortunately not, once an order is placed it is sent to our print room for instant processing. Please be sure you are ready to print & have double checked your artwork/details before placing an order.

What is the maximum PDF size I can upload?

The maximum bandwidth our system can accept when uploading a PDF is 20MB however we suggest keeping it under 10MB.

Please make sure artwork is set up as a vector file rather than photographic & please follow the design guidelines on the front page of the PDF.

Can I change the quantity on an order I just placed?

If you are looking to decrease the quantity on the order placed, then unfortunately no you can not. Once an order is placed it is sent for automatic processing. If you are looking to increase the quantity of your order, we ask that you simply re-purchase the required quantity.

Do you offer different boxes to what is listed on your website?

Yes we do! We can produce boxes to any custom size required, request a custom quote here.

Can you produce more than 2,000 units?

Yes we can! We can produce the boxes listed on our website or to any custom size required, at any volume – request a custom quote here.

If you are looking for over 5000 boxes get in touch with us here.

Do you offer variable data printing?

Yes we do. Variable data means printing different designs over the total order. For instance if you purchased 100 boxes you could print 50 using a different design to the other 50.

Get in touch with here to finalise a variable data printed order.

What happens if I select the wrong size & printing option, that doesn’t match the PDF I used to checkout & place my order?

If this occurs, we will cancel your order & get in touch with you to either finalise payment of the difference and proceed with the order or alternatively cancel the order.

Please make sure you follow the steps accordingly to avoid this from occurring.

Do you offer 30 day accounts?

In some instances Yes, get in touch with us here to see if you are eligible for a 30 day account.

How will my boxes be shipped to me?

All boxes are sent flat packed ready for you to assemble. We send our boxes in custom shippers tailored to your order so there is no room for movement or damage in transit.

P.s – They are printed shippers & look pretty great when they arrive at your door!

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we do!

How much does shipping cost?

To keep things affordable, we offer flat rate shipping which is calculated based on the quantity of your order.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes we do, however not via online checkout. Please get in touch with us here and tell us about what you need.

What is Kraft?

Kraft material is classic brown cardboard. A cheaper alternative & a great choice if looking for a regular style carton. A natural & uncoated surface – when printing on Kraft stick to solid & bold colours like Black & dark hues to avoid any colour variances to that of your PDF file.

What is Clay?

Clay material is our best seller. A premium option to suit any design! The white lined cardboard is coated in a clay surface on one side (The outside of the box) which acts as a blank canvas to print directly too.

What’s the difference?

One is a natural brown, the other is a premium white with a coated surface.

The best way to explain the difference when printing on these surceases – Think about using a coloured markers & drawing on a white piece of paper versus directly to brown cardboard. Using a dark black marker will result in the same finish, but using a yellow highlighter will result in a different finish, with the white paper option showing a true colour in comparison to a dulled colour shown on the natural brown board.

What is E-Flute?

E-Flute is approximately 2mm thick & is suited for lighter packaging in most cases such as our mailers.

What is B-Flute?

B-Flute is approximately 3mm thick & is suited for heavier products that require added protection such as wine bottles.

Do you offer other stock’s from your website.

Yes we can, get in touch with us here to discuss in more depth.