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Got Questions?

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Do you have any existing templates which I can use for my packaging design?

Yes, you can download all of our templates here.

Should I use CMYK or RGB for my artwork?

Please supply files as CMYK (not RGB) and set all solid black to: C 20%, M 20%, Y 20%, K 100%.

If a specific colour is required, a Pantone colour or colour sample must be supplied.

Pantone colours will be matched to our printers’ closest CMYK equivalent. Exact colour matches may not always be possible.

Are the dimensions displayed on inke external or internal dimensions?

The dimensions listed on our site are external dimensions.

Can you design my artwork for me?

Whilst we can certainly help you set up your artwork correctly, unfortunately, we are not able to actually design it for you.

If you have designed your artwork however it is set up incorrectly (i.e images/text are upside down, etc…) we can help you fix this issue to make your PDF print ready, for a flat fee of $100 +GST. Please note, this must be paid prior to inke assisting in artwork set up, even if you are planning on placing an order afterwards.

We do offer other tools for helping you get your artwork created if you are struggling to come up with ideas, click here to view our options, we have pre-designed templates ready for you to use & we also have a design agency “the natives” & a freelance design network “99 designs” listed on our website.

Please note, the natives are only suitable to those customers who have a brief ready to discuss & please note, that they charge their own fee that inke is not responsible for negotiating.

What colours work the best

While almost any colour will look good, strong & solid colours tend to look the best on corrugated cardboard. Solid colours will also look glossier than light or pastel shades.

Also, note that the board we use has a coating on the outside and is uncoated on the inside. Because of this, the colour on the outside may differ from the inside. The colour inside may appear ever so slightly darker. (don’t worry though this is hardly noticeable, we’re just letting you know!)

Using Light colours on my design

When using light colours to design your box (such as light pink or light blue), we suggest choosing a clay/white product to print on, as this surface compliments any colour well.

Please keep in mind, the lighter the shade of the colour used, the more chance the natural surface of the cardboard can show through & dull/grain the overall finish of your design.

We suggest using more solid/bolder colours to avoid this.

Using bold colours on my design

Using bold colours on your box will always result in a great overall finish, as the more solid your colour choice is the more it will stand out against the cardboard surface it is printed on.

If you are choosing to print a bold colour such as blue, green, red, etc.. your best result will be from a clay/white product choice, as the white surface compliments any colour.

If you choose to print a solid colour such as blue, green, red, etc.. on a kraft/brown product choice, whilst it will still print well, keep in mind natural colour the kraft/brown material can slightly dull any colour used, so your overall finished product may not necessarily look the same as your PDF proof.

Kraft/Brown is a great choice when printing with bold/dark colour such as black, dark green, dark red, etc…

Using text on my design

We love printing text onto your boxes, as it is a great tool to communicate with your customers about the product inside before they even open the box.

Try to avoid small or very fine text. We print your boxes using digital presses and small type can look a little fuzzy or fill in if it’s too small.

What flute type do you use?

All of our mailer’s are produced with E-flute, whereas our shippers & bottle packs are produced with B-flute to support a heavier weight.

What is the difference in thickness between E-Flute & B-Flute?

E-flute is approximately 2mm thick and is suited to lighter product packaging such as our mailers. B-flute is approximately 3mm thick and a more suited packaging option for larger & heavier products.

What’s the difference between Kraft/Brown & Clay/White stock?

Clay/White is our recommended choice of stock when looking to make colours pop with exceptional quality. Kraft/ Brown is well suited to designs that utilise dark bold colours.

Using bright and vibrant colours on Kraft may naturally dull the colour resolution and it won’t necessarily look the same as your saved PDF

Are your mailer boxes safe to post?

Yes, our mailer boxes are safe for direct postage. However, we suggest using tape to secure the lid and ensure it doesn’t open mid-transport, alternatively you can place your mailer in a postage satchel to ensure nothing goes wrong, but make sure it will fit first!

Or, if you are sending multiple boxes at once, you could add our shipper boxes to your order to bundle your mailers & ensure they arrive safely together & in style – you never know who might see it on its journey, after all first impressions count. Can’t find the shipper size you require?

Get in touch here for a custom quote

Are your shipper boxes safe to post?

Yes, our shipper boxes are safe for direct postage. However, you will need to tape it closed to secure your goods.

Are your bottle boxes safe to post?

Yes, our bottle boxes are safe for direct postage. We recommend taping the lid closed to secure your content.

Tip: Add a “fragile” sticker at your local post office upon shipping to ensure your content arrives safely, we are not responsible for the mishandling of shipped goods which could result in damage to your product

Are your wine boxes safe to post?

Yes, our wine boxes are safe for direct postage. We recommend taping the lid closed to secure your content.

Tip: Add a “fragile” sticker at your local post office upon shipping to ensure your content arrives safely, we are not responsible for the mishandling of shipped goods which could result in damage to your product

Are your boxes printed in gloss or matte?

All of our boxes are printed in gloss mode to give an enhanced finish.

If you would prefer a matte finish, simply checkout as normal & just let us know in the comment section once your item is added to your cart.

Can you print white ink?

No, our digital printing process cannot print white ink (believe it or not!), Therefore, we suggest if your design has white in it, checkout using our Clay/White product’s.

However if you are determined to have a Kraft/Brown box with White print on it, there is a solution; Download your desired template from our Clay/White product page, make the background of you template design a high resolution image of Kraft/Brown texture & then add your wording or image in white.

We then print direct to the white board, the image of the Kraft/Brown texture will appear as it is real & the white colour will be substituted for the white of the material. You really can’t tell the difference from this unique “inside-out” design, which gives the same overall finish.

Do you print gold (or any other colour) foil?

No, unfortunately we don’t print foil… yet. Watch this space!

Can you print PANTONE® Colours (PMS)?

Yes, we can in most instances. If you have a specific PMS colour code you want to match, get in touch with us here & tell us more about what you are after

Can you print on the inside of your mailers?

Yes we can!

Where are your boxes manufactured?

All of our manufacturing is based out of Melbourne, Australia.

How strong are your mailers and shipping boxes?

We utilise new stock weekly to ensure you receive the best quality product.

Suggested weight for our mailers, between 0 – 8kg

Suggested weight for our shippers, between 0 – 20kg

Suggested weight for our beer & wine boxes, between 0 – 15kg (it can hold 24 bottles, with ease – don’t worry, we tested)

Transporting something heavier? Tell us about it here, we can look into alternative options for you.

Tape & Glueing

Our mailer boxes, are self locking, therefore require no glue.

Our shippers & bottle packs do, glue is required to assemble these boxes, you will notice on the PDF template a section is left blank, that is where the glue is applied. Please leave this blank as when we glue it together, it applies better to non-printed surfaces. Don’t worry, once it’s all together it wont be visible.

Once assembled our wine & beer boxes are self locking, so no tape is required – however we suggest, if you are sending them via postage that you tape it for protection.

Shipper boxes however, require tape to lock up your goods, so please make sure you have some on hand. We recommend using Acrylic tape.

How are your boxes printed?

All of our boxes are printed via a process called Digital Printing.

A introduction into Digital printing

Digital printing is a modern method of printing that offers a lot more to the customer in terms of freedom of design & affordability.

It doesn’t require plates & doesn’t have huge setup fees like other methods of printing do, but instead uses toners – yes, like your printer at home… (just on a much larger scale)

Based of the sizes we offer on our shop page, digital printing is the most effective method when ordering smaller quantities between 1 – 2000 units, depending on the size of your box, in some cases, it can be effective up to 10,000 units.

The design capabilities are endless when printing digital & it offers a lot more back to the customer in terms of freedom with design. Seeing as there is no setup fee, it offers no minimum order quantity, allowing you to order what you want when you want it.

It also offers unique things like variable data printing – meaning you could do 10 different designs across your 100 boxes at no extra cost! Yes you read that right, meaning you could use different names, codes, colours, pictures… the only limit is your imagination.

Another great feature is that regardless of how many colours you want to use in your design, it wont effect the cost – unlike other methods of print which can only allow up to 4 colours.

To summarise, Digital print is the effective option for your packaging needs, it allows you to get as creative as you want with your design whilst producing a high-quality print at low costs, no minimum order & delivered within a fast turn around.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto substrates, such as in this instance – cardboard. There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing. Digital files such as PDFs can be sent directly to the digital printing press to print directly to the cardboard.

Benefits of digital printing include variable data printing, on demand printing, cost effective short runs & fast turnaround times.

Can I use your boxes for food packaging?

No, our packaging is not suitable for food packaging. Due to the ink that is used, it doesn’t meet Australian safety regulations when in direct contact with food, however, if your food is already in packaging such as wrappers, etc… Then Yes you can use our boxes with your food!

Can I get a sample of my box?

All of our boxes are made to order, being an online business we do not house product on the shelf to be handed out as samples. That being said we would be more than happy to assist in creating a prototype of your job prior to you locking in a large order. The way to do this is to go online & upload/checkout as per normal and select a quantity of 1 (Hot tip: it’s more cost effective to buy 10).

That way you can see what your final product will look like before you place an order.

How long is your turnaround time?

We require up to 14 working days to print & deliver all jobs placed.

Will I receive a proof before my box goes to production?

Your saved PDF is your proof, please ensure you have followed our print & colour setting guidelines to ensue your finished product is as designed.

Can I cancel an order?

Unfortunately no, once a job is placed it goes directly into our system for automatic processing.

Can I change the artwork on the order I just placed?

Unfortunately not. We understand this can be inconvenient, however once an order is placed, it is sent straight to the job system for automatic processing. There is no turning back, so be sure to double check!

Can I change the quantity on the order I just placed?

If you are looking to reduce the quantity, unfortunately no. However, if you are looking to increase the quantity you can log onto your account, view your previous orders & then re-order it with the remaining quantity required.

Do you offer different boxes that are not listed on your website?

Yes we do, contact us here & tell us more about what you’re after.

Can you produce more than 2,000 units?

Yes we can, please contact us here & tell us more about what you’re after.

I am a regular customer, do you offer any premium service?

Yes we do, if you are planning on ordering over 5000 boxes a month, fill out this form here & we will assign an account manager to look after your orders! We look forward to meeting you.

Do you offer variable data printing?

Yes we do, for example if you need 100 boxes of the same size, but want to do it over 10 different designs (i.e 10 boxes of each design, 100 units in total) We can do this at no extra cost, get in touch with us here & lets talk about how we can help.

What happens if I select the wrong size & printing option, that doesn’t match my designed template & then checkout?

If this occurs, we will cancel your order and then get in touch with you to discuss your options moving forward. The reason being is that there can be significant cost differences depending on what products you select.

Your options moving forward will be to either pay the remaining amount needed to produce the job or be issued a refund.

Please make sure you follow the steps correctly to avoid this happening.

How will my boxes be shipped to me?

We ship all boxes unassembled (Flat-packed).
The way your boxes will arrive to you is dependant on your order;

For bulk order’s exceeding 25kg in weight, we send via a shrink-wrapped pallet for extra protection.

For orders less than that, we will flat pack into corrugated shippers to send out for postage.

If your order fits the requirement for a pallet but you don’t have the capacity to store or receive such a volume, get in touch with us here & we can arrange for a split delivery of multiple flat pack shippers instead

Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes we do, simply fill in your details upon check out

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes we do, contact us here & tell us more about what you need & where you need it.

What is Kraft/Brown?

Kraft//Brown is a classic brown cardboard well suited to designs that utilise dark, bold colours. Using bright colours on Kraft stock will naturally dull the resolution, which won’t necessarily look the same as the online proof.

What is Clay/White?

Our most popular product. Clay/White is a matte white board that best showcases clarity & colour when printed. If you’re looking to make your design stand out, this is the option for you.

What is E-Flute?

E-Flute is approximately 2mm thick and is predominantly used for product packaging. The thin yet strong stock provides a lighter overall package to protect your product. E-Flute is also the best corrugated stock to print directly on to showcase your designs in the best way possible. A great option for product packaging!

What is B-Flute?

B-Flute is approximately 3mm thick and is best suited to larger boxes such as our shippers & bottle packs. The thicker stock allows for added protection & support when transporting larger, heavier items. B-Flute is also a great stock choice when choosing to print on.

Are your boxes recyclable or made from recycled materials?

Yes! All of our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials.