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thumbnail-Customer Journals 001: Drink Bobby
video • Nov 21 - 1 min read

Customer Journals 001: Drink Bobby

inke packaging

inke packaging

Team contribution


Welcome to 'Journals' by inke packaging. The first chapter of a new series where we delve into the stories of the extraordinary brands we collaborate with. We go behind the scenes to discover what makes them tick and how they've found success within their industry, in order to spark inspiration and foster growth for businesses of all sizes across our community. Our mission is to showcase the art of crafting compelling narratives and maintaining consistent engagement across all aspects. 

First up, we're thrilled to share the story of how founder, Kristian Johannsen, founded bobby, one of Australia's fastest growing soft-drink brands. His journey began with international inspiration and a sharp eye for identifying a gap in the Australian lifestyle beverage market. Dive into Kristian's journey as he unveils how bobby ingeniously disrupted the market, bobby's powerful motto that drives their ambitious mindset, and how the brand continues to evolve to meet the demands of the modern market. 

Discover how bobby elevated their customer experience with our specialised 330ml can mailer boxes, as well as other items and explore solutions that are designed to create memorable unboxing moments for your customers through our platform

Enjoy the video above and let us know what you think! Use the code FRIENDSWITHINKE to try bobby for yourself at their online store.

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