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Frequently asked questions
I need a quote for under 1000 units

For any orders under 1000 units, shop our range of pre-existing sizes available at our online store. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can now get an instant quote for purchase on any custom size using our online packaging calculator.

How long will it take to get a quote?

Once we've confirmed your request, please allow between 2-4 days for us to return your quote - Depending on your requirements, we may be able to have it to you sooner.

For time-sensitive orders, we'd recommend considering the options available through our online store for quicker production and delivery.

Can I request a sample for my custom size?

You can order a blank sample of your custom size and specifications from as little as 1 unit using our custom packaging tool. Unfortunately, this does not include printing your design.

However, you can order a sample using your own custom design by shopping our range of existing sizes for comparison instead.

Should I use a custom size?

You should only request a custom quote if you are planning on making an order for above 1000 units and none of our existing sized options will suit your needs.

Custom sizes, unlike our online store options, do require an initial setup fee upon placing your first order. So if you can factor this into your budget and a custom size will work better for you long term, then it may be a more suitable option.

Are custom sizes more expensive?

Generally speaking yes, as custom-sized products require an additional set up fee on all initial orders, whereas shopping products listed on our online store will allow you to skip any setup costs and receive instant pricing on hundreds of packaging options, so please do consider these as a suitable option first!

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