3 smart ways to design mailing boxes in 2022

inke packaging — June 13, 2022

Before you start designing your mailing box, there are a few things you should think about.

Make sure you know exactly what items are going into the packaging. You might have a single type of goods or a variety. Consider what packaging is better for what. Understanding the key factors of your product will guide you onto what should be included in packaging design.

It is also crucial that you understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The best way to accomplish this is by talking to customers. You could use the SPIN Selling methodology by asking situational, problematical, implicational and need-payoff questions. Understanding the primary features of your product can aid you in deciding what should be included in the packaging design of your mailing boxes.

If you're selling skin care items, knowing your ICP's pain points will help you decide what statements, images, and visuals to use in your package to give them the feeling that the problem they're having is being solved the instant they hold the box.

Another factor is the business model. Your packing option will be determined by whether you use an ecommerce or traditional retail approach.

Take a look at this quick guide of packaging trends that will help you to smartly design your mailing boxes in 2022.

Minimal approach on quality boxes

Package design can become a difficult task if left for the last minute. Custom packaging should be functional, secure, and appealing to the eye. It also helps if putting this packaging solution into use isn't too expensive.

Do not overthink, simplicity is key. Conversion rates show that minimalist packaging designs are always in style. Do more with less to create memorable experiences. Earth toned, recycled material combined with bright pops of colour can give packaging a modern twist.

Minimalistic approach combined with sustainability is a win win. It does the job quickly, easily and is appropriate for everyone, regardless of what you're selling.

Personalisation through text and branding

Typography isn't always intended to be read. While its primary function is communication, it can also be a complex art form in its own right.

Clever typography serves multiple purposes, from conveying emotion to demonstrating a brand's personality, and is one of the biggest packaging trends for 2022.

There are numerous ways to use typography to strike a balance in design by using both visual and written elements to tell a story.

Typography is an essential component of any packaging design. However, it is not as simple as selecting a typeface or font that you like. It is very important to understand your audience and take into consideration packaging shape and size.

The font you choose for your packaging is possibly the best way to capture attention and communicate your message in an interesting and original manner. Text and branding can, among other things, define and differentiate your product, and influence customer preference.

Including a QR codes

You may have noticed pixelated little codes popping up out there, from restaurant tables to billboard ads.

QR codes can be found everywhere, and for good reason: by providing contactless solutions for a wide range of industries, QR Codes have assisted many to resume operations throughout and following the pandemic.

They can be used for much more than just checking menus. There are many ways to aggregate value into customer experience with either static or dynamic QR codes.

Static QR Codes, once created, can perform a few functions, such as displaying plain text or directing users to a specific URL, your website for example. However, dynamic QR Codes can get things more interesting.

They are editable and provide data-driven insights into how your packaging is used. It also has the ability to incorporate media-rich into your mailing boxes design. By scanning a Dynamic QR Code customers can view video content, images, download a PDF, provide you with real-time feedback on your products, and much more. They can always be changed according to your business KPIs at the time.

Check out 5 ways to use QR Codes to create media-rich mailing boxes in 2022:

  • Connect customers to social media platforms
  • Use video to bring products to life - specially the ones with unusual features or complicated setups
  • Inspirational brochure about how they can use your products
  • PDF manuals
  • Immediate feedbacks and reviews

As you can see, custom packaging is more than just pleasing your customers' eyes. It is possible to go beyond by incorporating smart design strategies; there is an entire universe to be explored; be creative.

Have a great and smart packaging design idea in mind? We have the ability to make it happen. Begin by requesting a quote or browsing our selection of custom packaging in a variety of sizes today.

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