How to rejuvenate your eCommerce packaging for 2022

inke packaging — November 16, 2021

We think we’re not alone in saying that 2021 hasn’t been the year most of us planned - and we’re keenly counting down until we can say hello to a fresh start in 2022.

eCommerce has absolutely exploded in the past two years, and with that has brought increased competition - in between side hustles, small businesses and bricks-and-mortar pivoting to digital, the online landscape’s full of brands jostling for position amongst the pack.

So, how can you stand out in 2022? Make the right impression with your packaging. The first tangible interaction with your brand, your packaging establishes subconscious opinions about your items’ quality and value before they even lay eyes on it. Make these opinions positive by investing a little time into refreshing your eCommerce packaging for the year ahead.

Pull the inside, outside

A trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately is creatively incorporating your product into your packaging design. For coffee roasters, maybe that looks like covering your mailer box in illustrated coffee beans and coffee cups. For clothing brands, your box design might feature icons of some of your signature pieces.

This design approach might seem simple on the surface, but it’s super effective in planting the seeds of the experience to come; and evoking all the positive emotions your customers associate with your product.

Embrace a new angle - literally

The opposite of going meta with your box design? Going abstract, and embracing shapes and patterns.

Geometric eCommerce packaging not only makes a bold statement - but leaves a lasting impression, too. Pair eye-catching colours in your brand’s palette with crisp lines and clean angles for packaging that’ll captivate from the moment it lands on your customers’ doorsteps.

Tell a story with your design

Brands with an interesting history or backstory - this one’s for you. As humans, we’re drawn to stories - so use your packaging as a way to let your customers buy into your brand.

Whether you’ve got a character as part of your logo, a mascot for a particular product or just a knack for the imaginative, use your packaging to flesh out this story and pull your customers into your brand’s world.

Think of your eCommerce packaging as a scene from a movie - reel your customers in so that they’re scanning the box to find out how it all plays out.

Incorporate a personal touch

Personalisation as a packaging design trend has proven it’s not going anywhere in 2022 - but why not add a touch of your brand’s personality to your packaging next year?

Consider incorporating a handwritten thank you from yourself as the business owner, or from your team inside the lid of your mailer box. This kind of humanisation can go a long way towards building that all-important relationship with your customers, turning them from one-time buyers into lifelong fans.

Expand your brand

Lastly, if you think you’ve nailed the box design? Take it one step further, and inject your branding into every element of your eCommerce packaging.

Replace your void filler with branded tissue paper; seal your boxes with branded tape; include some brand stickers as a surprise and delight in your orders.

As eCommerce continues to grow - and with it, the importance of making a mark on your customers - the unboxing experience is becoming an essential element of your operation, no longer just an added bonus. These small details will all add up to have a big impact for your customers.

Ready to up your packaging game for 2022? Get started by browsing our range of box options, or request a custom quote if you have something special in mind.

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