Design Tips and Trends for Your Custom Packaging

inke packaging — October 1, 2020

Want to spruce up your custom packaging? Check out these design tips and trends for inspiration.

Guided packaging

Tailor your custom box design so that it guides the unboxing experience. Use design elements to communicate with customers which products to unwrap first and last. This design tip works well for skincare products that are part of a three-step regime.


Minimal is still in …in 2019. With minimal design, you take away all the distracting elements. This creates an impactful visual impression. It also allows your design to hone in on your branding. Print custom packaging boxes with just a logo and make your brand stand out.


Ever thought about integrating photos into your designs? Realism is a design trend that’s creating great impressions. Use realism to reveal what’s beneath the packaging, or to create interesting visual effects. Alternatively, go with a realistic style for your illustrations.

Free flowing design

We love a good symmetrical design, but free-flowing is definitely taking us on new and exciting journeys. Try open compositions to create a light and airy look. This design trend has a cute and chaotic appeal.


Would pixels work for your brand? 8-bit designs are trending this year. Blend those iconic 8-bit hexagons with organic shapes to create intriguing contrast.


Bright gradients are fun, playful and exciting. If you think this suits your brand personality, check out some of the latest gradient trends for custom cardboard boxes. Bright gradients also give the impression of something that is fresh and new.


Single-use plastic bags are an endangered species and reusable straws are the new black. Plastics are not just damaging to the environment; they also have the potential to tarnish brands.

Go plastic-free with custom cardboard boxes. This communicates your brand values are eco-friendly, leaving customers with a positive image of your brand. Read more about making your custom packaging eco-friendly.


If you’re digging the minimal trend, try toning things down to just two colours. Whether you use a pair of pastels or classic black and white, using two colours can give you an eye-catching design. Designers are using this palette restriction to open up a world of creative possibilities.


Your product is not just an object, it should be treated as an experience. In this way, you build an emotional connection with your customers and create loyalty to your brand.

Use custom packaging to tell your brand’s story. Use your design and your chosen materials to create a memorable unboxing experience and get your customers returning for more.

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