Beyond the Box: Designing Packaging that is Beautiful, Functional and Personal

inke packaging — January 1, 2021

When designing custom packaging for your brand, there are three core pillars that you should address to get the most out of it. Consider brand, function and target before anything else. That is, what form it will take and will it align with your brand, what purpose it serves and who you’re selling to.


Arguably the most important aspect of design is consistency across all products and brand collateral. Consider your brand’s tone of voice and the physical hallmarks of your products like colour palettes or icons, and work these into your packaging design. If your logo and accompanying imagery is pale green, don’t design an electric blue mailer.


What purpose does your packaging serve? Considering the product you’ll be shipping is obviously the most fundamental factor to keep in mind. But packaging is so much more than just the way you send an item. When done well, your box has the ability to outlive the product inside. Your customer may end up using the box for storage or as gift wrapping, so be sure to consider the potential connotations of your design.

Target market

Identifying your target market and catering to them accordingly is important, as it will impact the experience your customer expects when receiving their order. If your target market is females between the ages of 25 and 35, you’re not going to have something like ‘cheers bro’ printed on the inside of your box, for example.

If your brand is a food product with a wellness focus, your customers may expect it to arrive in a kraft box with plain black or white type. If it’s a higher end product, you may consider a printed clay mailer with additions like tissue paper and a care card or thank you note.

So you’ve got the design strategy sorted, now it’s time to get going on designing your inke template and placing your order. If you’re struggling with design yourself, our friends at 99designs can help find you a freelancer to do the heavy lifting.

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