Why Start Ups and Everyday Businesses Should Use inke

Inke is an easy-to-use custom packaging service. We’ve simplified the process of buying custom packaging boxes like mailer boxes, wine packaging and beer boxes. With just a few clicks, you can buy our packaging on your own terms, getting what you want, when you want it. 

Thanks to its convenience, inke isn’t just for large companies, it’s perfect for start-ups, e-commerce and every day businesses. Read on to discover the benefits of using inke.

Good for the earth

Single-use plastics are on their way out. As a non-recyclable form of packaging, plastic is not sustainable to use or produce. What’s worse, plastics tend to float out of landfills and into our oceans and rivers, killing wildlife.  

At inke, we’re committed to doing our bit for the environment. Forget about single-use plastics, we use only recyclable materials. Our custom cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint.


Folded at home

We’re just as passionate about supporting the Australian economy as we are about being sustainable. All of the materials we use for our custom-made packaging is sourced locally in Victoria. We also make our boxes in Melbourne, Australia and ship to anywhere nation-wide.


On-demand purchasing

Our on-demand system gives you full control over your purchase. Our packaging is highly customisable, giving you the freedom to create almost anything you want. With our conveniently low minimum order, you also get full control over how much you buy.


Self-service made easy

Our printing services is so easy, it takes just three easy steps. While it’s easy enough for you to do it yourself, our customer support team are always on hand to answer any questions.

Our self-service in three easy steps:


1 Choose your box

We have four different box styles to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your box style, browse our huge range of sizes to choose your perfect fit.


2 Choose your design

Simply download our box template and apply your design. Save this as a pdf and upload to our system. Next you’ll choose your materials and your finish, with the option of having printed sides.


3 Choose your quantity

With Inke, we offer you the flexibility to print between 10 and 2000 boxes.


Speedy delivery

No need to wait months to receive your custom packaging. Buy from Inke and you get super fast turn-around. With our speedy service, you’ll receive your product in just 14 business days or less.


Great prices

If you want to get custom cardboard boxes cheap, Inke offers great prices. Our high-quality, Australian-made and locally sourced packaging actually adds value to your products. When your customers have an exciting unboxing experience, they’ll come back for more again and again. We’re also offering 5% off your first order, giving you even more value for your spend.