Why it’s worth changing up your packaging for sale season

Coming to the pointy end of the year, eCommerce revenue is set to soar, meaning your products will be flying out the door. Given the fact that higher sales equals higher visual exposure, how do you want to send your products to your customers?

If you ship year-round in standard issue, Australia Post cardboard boxes, it may be worth upgrading to custom mailers for the sale period to give your brand a personal edge. Here, let us tell you why…

More orders = more eyes

Like we mentioned above, if you’re shipping off a higher volume of product, you’ve instantly got increased exposure to your brand. Harness it! Go for custom packaging that is festive, bold and in-line with your brand’s identity. 


Did someone say limited edition?

Changing up the way you reach your customers for a limited period of time is a great way to get people talking. Not only should you consider the optics of an updated mailer box in time for Christmas or Boxing Day sales, it also pays to think about the sense of urgency this drives. Use a great design and people will want to get their hands on it as quickly as possible. 


Send a message, literally

Letting people know that you’re on sale, be them otherwise unaware or potential customers, can be as simple as a mailer box with ‘SALE’ printed on it. Someone who may have been holding off on shopping with you for whatever reason, may see your custom cardboard box design and change their mind, knowing you’ve got a few bargains to snag. 

Have we convinced you? Great! Shop now to avoid disappointment, deadlines are starting to get tight.