Why E-Commerce Brands Should Use Custom Packaging

There are so many advantages to having an e-commerce store. You cut costs and the customers benefit from lower prices. But you also miss out on interacting with your customer as you would in a physical store. Custom packaging lets you make up for this lost opportunity and strengthen your brand. Let’s see why.

You get to show off

Get custom made packaging to show off your brand. With customised packaging, you design and print your own unique boxes and tell your brand’s story. Some packaging companies offer only a limited number of designs to choose from, so it’s better to go with a packaging company like inke. Inke is highly customisable. It lets you upload your own branded design and choose from a huge range of box shapes and sizes.  


Reveal what’s at heart

Custom packaging boxes can also reflect your brand values. For example, with 100% Australian-made packaging, you show your commitment to the Australian economy, which your Aussie customers will love. Read more about the benefits of sourcing your packaging locally.

Is your brand committed to doing its part for the environment? Get eco-friendly packaging to cut down your carbon footprint. In this way, you reflect your brand values through your packaging. You also make a choice that customers will appreciate, and lend credibility to your brand.


First impressions last

Did you know that 7 in 10 people make their decision to buy a product based on the packaging? Needless to say, you need to make a good first impression. With customised mailer boxes, you can use high quality materials and beautiful designs to impress your customers. They’ll love the unboxing experience so much they’ll buy from you again.


Dazzle with extras

By printing your own packaging, you get the opportunity to add in branded extras. Branded extras can include beautifully designed and printed discount coupons or samples of new products. Your customers will love receiving their free gift and will love your brand even more. Better yet, the customer might pass on branded extras to family and friends. This is basically free word-of-mouth advertising, the best promotion you can get.


Become shareable

Have you ever received a parcel, unwrapped it, and snapped photos to share with friends? Customers get excited about their new products. Especially when they’re wrapped in attractive packaging and when the customer has a fun unboxing experience.

Nearly half of customers share their unboxing experiences with friends and family, either privately or on social media. Custom packaging for your e-commerce products encourages more shares and puts your brand in front of new audiences. The better the unboxing experience, the more shareable it becomes.


Build relationships

Running an e-commerce business is different to running a physical store in that you don’t have a customer service representative to speak to your customers and build relationships with them.

Custom packaging gives you an opportunity to make up for this lost touchpoint. Use well-designed custom packaging to generate emotion, and build strong relationships between your customer and your brand.

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