What Your Packaging Can Say About Your Brand

As a brand, you are in the unique position where you can choose what parts of your identity you share with customers, and how these are viewed. This process can take any number of forms, in the physical and virtual realms.

One of the most obvious of these, aside from tone of voice and visual aesthetic, is the packaging you use. You’ll quickly establish yourself as an environmentally-conscious brand if you use recyclable packaging, for example.

There’s plenty of ways your brand can be interpreted, based on your choice of packaging. We’ve broken down all the things custom printed packaging can say about your brand. 

You show attention to detail

The simple act of choosing custom packaging over plain old kraft brown, or standard Australia Post satchels, means your brand is conscious of the little things. You’re aware of the impact good quality, personalised packaging can have on a customer’s likelihood of repurchasing, and are willing to capitalise on it. 


You’re willing to go that step further

When you send product in a custom mailer box, it shows that you’ve taken the time to think about and map out the user journey of your product, and are aware of the value of maintaining a consistent brand aesthetic and tone across all touchpoints. Your customers will recognise this, and in turn see the value in choosing your brand over a perhaps cheaper competitor. 


You don’t need to do the talking

Your customers are your biggest advocates, and word-of-mouth is so important to increasing brand awareness. By choosing custom packaging boxes, you’re implicitly inviting your customers to spread the word about your brand, and the value it has. 


You’ve got style!

You like the finer things in life. And we don’t want to toot our own horn here, but have you seen some of the custom printed packaging options on our website? They look pretty damn fine. Choose inke, and your customers will see that your brand is one to be rivalled in the style department. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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