Standing out this summer with custom packaging

Brands update their product ranges seasonally, so why shouldn’t the same go for packaging? With summer fast approaching comes an opportunity to refresh your brand’s presence. 

If the extent of your brand identity is the same old brown paper packaging stamped with your logo on the top, it’s high time you invest in custom packaging

New ranges need new homes

For fashion retailers, a big part of the ecommerce experience is unboxing. Customers are more likely to re-purchase from a brand who invests in their packaging. So when it comes time to welcome new summer gear, think about welcoming in some digs for it too.

Having your branding on custom mailer boxes helps you stand out from competitors who ship in generic postage boxes. Consider how many people will see your boxes waiting patiently on customers verandahs, or under the arm of their happy new owner walking out of the post office on Saturday morning. 

Your brand is instantly identifiable, already cutting through the noise.


Eye catching design

For those in the beverage game, summer is peak season. Having your brand clearly labelled on custom wine and beer boxes is a highly effective marketing technique. We shop with our eyes more than anything else, so this only makes sense. 

Having your bottles in custom boxes also makes them an instantly giftable product, and with the giving season coming up, this couldn’t be more important. 

Don’t forget, bars and pubs often leave their stock in the eyeline of patrons, most of whom don’t realise they’re paying attention to what’s written on the box. Wandering eyes that catch your logo on a shipper box at their local are likely to remember it, making custom packaging a cost-effective way of converting customers, and ensuring your brand remains front of mind.


Ready to rebrand?

We can’t promise to give your brand a new identity, but we can ensure your products get shipped in style. Get started today!