Making your special release a memorable one

Do you have a special release dropping in time for summer? Excellent. Do you have packaging to go along with it and make it really cut through the noise of the crowded bottle’o shelf? No? Keep reading!

Custom brews deserve custom packaging!

The rise and rise of craft breweries means there’s never been more niche beers on the market. This can go one of two ways: customers will either love you for releasing a limited edition brew, or they’ll feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options and revert back to their old faithful.

Grab their attention with a custom packaging option that will ignite curiosity, and if your special release is to their liking, well, you might also solidify a new return customer. 


Tap into the millennial market

It’s no secret, young people shop with their eyes. Harness the power of a striking visual when it comes time to market your special release. A customer may pick your product because they’re naturally drawn to how it looks, and end up reaching for it again simply because the first purchase was a memorable one.

Also to be considered are the optics and after-effects of that bottle of wine popping up in your customer’s Instagram story, or how well it will tie in to the Christmas present they’re putting together for their office Secret Santa.  


Cool box = instant gift wrapping

A limited run of any product makes a great gift, but when it’s packaged in a funky new custom box, well, we don’t think gifting gets much easier. Plus, with Christmas coming up, you’re bound to have a whole hoard of time-poor individuals shopping for the complete gifting solution. Make the most of this market!


Sold? We thought so. Shop custom packaging now!