Benefits of Sourcing Your Packaging Locally

Thinking of switching your production to a local supplier? You’ll be glad you did – here are a few reasons why Australian packaging production is a better option.

When running a business, looking for cost effective measures is often a priority – where can you keep costs down to maximise your profit?

For a long time, it’s been thought that outsourcing production of goods to foreign countries is the best way to get your products made – including packaging.

But this is no longer the case – and there’s a wide range of ways in which sourcing your packaging within Australia can benefit your brand.

Quicker turnaround times

Giving overseas mass-production a miss in favour of an Australian operation means your order can be processed and produced much quicker. inke can get your boxes to you within 14 working days of placing your order, so you’ve always got got a steady supply of stock at the ready.

This is also perfect for any last-minute orders you may need to make to capitalise on current e-commerce trends. Many overseas suppliers need long lead times to get your packaging back to you on time – so there’s no room for those last minute ideas to become a reality.

Going local gives you more time to perfect any seasonal or limited packaging, with leeway for amendments or additional orders without being pushed for time.

Ease of communication

When dealing with Australian suppliers, more often than not you’ll speak with those directly responsible for the business. They’ll be able to keep you updated on every stage of the production process, and likely be able to assist you with any last minute updates or requests.

Keeping production local makes it easier for you to have greater input into and control over your packaging. Being able to reach your supplier by phone or email is another bonus of working on a local level, meaning you can have the help you need – when you need it.


Sustainability is a growing focus not only for Australian consumers, but for companies too. Opting to source your packaging from within Australia can not only reduce the packaging needed to ship this product; but can have a greater environmental impact when thinking of the emissions and energy usage of cargo planes and ships.

As mentioned earlier, going local also means you’re less likely to end up with wasted product thanks to smaller minimum orders and quick turnaround times, so your boxes will spend more time in the hands of your customers and less time waiting to clear customs.