Environmental framework

Help identify the right packaging for your brand by breaking down the sustainable resources that go into producing all of the products across our entire catalogue.
We are committed to bringing you an easy and reliable solution to sourcing custom branded and sustainable packaging. All featured products are responsibly produced in Australia using a framework of the below resources.

Product Resources


CMYK Digital

Sustainable production method that is suitable for low to medium quantity orders using any design with no setup costs.


Most economical in medium to high order quantities, printed in a flexographic direct-to-board process using water-based inks.

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Economical in high volume, ideal for printing ultra-high-quality designs using a lithographic mount-to-board process.

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Uncoated white corrugated surface on both sides, suitable for printing all colours and designs with a crisp matte finish.

Kraft - White

Uncoated natural kraft exterior surface, accompanied by an uncoated white corrugated interior to accommodate full colour inside printing.


Uncoated natural kraft corrugated surface on both sides, suitable for printing darker shades of any colour combination.

LUX Coat

Semi-gloss, coated white exterior surface to accommodate smooth and premium results accompanied with an uncoated white interior.



Does not contain any petroleum-based plastics within the product substrate.

Certified wood

Represents that materials have been sourced from FSC and/or PEFC accredited paper mills.

Recycled content

Indicates that the substrate is produced using predominantly recycled content.


Can be recycled post usage of its intended purpose through designated and appropriate recycling channels.

Reduced emissions

Indicates environmentally conscious printing through significantly reducing VOC emissions during production.


Can be used multiple times for a variety of purposes after its original intended purpose.

Waste preventive

Reduces up to 15% of unnecessary waste during production in comparison to traditional manufacturing.


Local production

Manufactured in Australia using responsibly sourced materials from local-accredited paper mills.

Responsibly sourced

Represents that all materials and production have been sourced within a trusted network of Australian suppliers.

Greening Australia

Proceeds from your order will be partially donated to help toward restoring healthy and productive landscapes across Australia.

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