Reach New Heights with Recyclable Packaging

As more companies embrace sustainable practices, customers become increasingly wise to the brands that don’t. You don’t want to fall into the latter category, and there’s one easy way to avoid it. Using recyclable packaging. 

Wasteful packaging is one of the most obvious marks of a brand unaware of the impact they’re having. While sales are important, it’s also becoming more and more pressing for brands to concern themselves with the environmental footprint they’re making. 

So how can inke help?

All of our cardboard is recycled

Our cardboard is Melbourne-made, out of recycled material, so you can rest easy that it has the eco-friendly stamp of approval.  


All of our boxes are recyclable

The cardboard we use is recyclable, meaning you can feel good about the way you send your products off to their new homes. Your customers will experience satisfaction in two ways: the feeling of their new goodies arriving, and knowing they’re giving the packaging a second life (provided they know which night the recycling bin goes out). 


We use eco-friendly ink

Our innovative digital printing process uses ultraviolet ink. This is a much more environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional printing methods. During the printing process, UV ink is applied in the same way as traditional ink, however once exposed to UV light, it hardens and dries within seconds. 


Unlike conventional inks, UV inks do not contain harmful solvents that evaporate and release volatile organic compounds. The quick-drying nature of UV inks also allows us to provide a faster turnaround on your packaging, keeping convenience up, and costs down.

Ready to make the switch to sustainable, budget-friendly custom packaging? Place your first order today.