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Folding carton

Luxurious and lightweight, perfect for any retail packaging need. Our folding cartons make a statement through providing stunning printing results on all artwork types.


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Luxurious and lightweight, perfect for any retail packaging need. Our folding cartons make a statement through providing stunning printing results on all artwork types.

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Available in the following printing processes. All online orders are printed using CMYK digital production for freedom and flexibility with design and sustainable production.

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CMYK Digital

Sustainable production method that is suitable for low to medium quantity orders using any design with no setup costs.


Economical in high volume, ideal for printing ultra-high-quality designs using a lithographic mount-to-board process.

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Responsibly sourced and manufactured in Australia using FSC and PEFC certified materials, available in the following options across our product catalogue

Hi-White 250gsm

Semi-gloss, coated white exterior surface suitable for printing all colour designs with premium results in both gloss and matte finishes.


We're working toward simplifying packaging through modern and sustainable production using the following environmental efficiencies.

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Does not contain any petroleum-based plastics within the product substrate.


Can be recycled post usage of its intended purpose through designated and appropriate recycling channels.

Reduced emissions

Indicates environmentally conscious printing through significantly reducing VOC emissions during production.

Waste preventive

Reduces up to 15% of unnecessary waste during production in comparison to traditional manufacturing.


Help support a circular economy and reduce your environmental footprint with locally-produced packaging, responsibly sourced from a trusted network of suppliers.

Local production

Manufactured in Australia using responsibly sourced materials from local-accredited paper mills.

Responsibly sourced

Represents that all materials and production have been sourced within a trusted network of Australian suppliers.

Greening Australia

Proceeds from your order will be partially donated to help toward restoring healthy and productive landscapes across Australia.



Learn more about this product, and its specifications with answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Can I order a sample?

Samples of custom folding cartons can only be produced using our minimum quantity option available, as unlike our other products it is not feasible to produce these as one-off samples due to setup requirements.

Alternately, you can shop our sample pack to view a printed example first hand to gain full confidence before committing to a larger order.

How long are your lead times?

All orders are subject to an estimated lead time of up to 14 business days from confirmation of order until being shipped. We will of course aim to have your order to you as soon as we can between then, however, do please allow these for timelines within your planning when critical.

Can you design my artwork for me?

Connect with freelance designers to bring your ideas to life in the easiest way possible by creating an online design brief through our partnership with global freelance network 99designs.

Do you have any design guidelines for printing?

Get familiar with our printing guidelines before creating your design by reading the PDF file attached alongside your product template which can be found in the download folder using the tools above. Otherwise, you can get familiar with these guidelines online here.

Are there any other sizes for this product?

You may request a custom quote using any size for this product by contacting our sales team, however, please note that higher minimum orders and set up costs may apply. For orders below 3000 units, please shop our range of pre-existing options available on this page.

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Hire a package designer

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Artboard Studio

Create realistic 3D mockups online

Orders above 3000 units