Welcome to Our New Website – Here’s Why We Updated

We've given our website a fresh new look, with some exciting new features to match! Here's why we've updated.

You might have noticed something different about us – we’ve updated our look here at inke, and we’re so excited to have launched our new website with some exciting new features, too.

We’ve had a lot of learnings since launching the brand in 2018, and wanted to head into the new year with a website that reflected what our customers want.

Making it easy to find what you’re looking for, giving you some more design inspo and making ordering your custom packaging even easier have been at the forefront of our redesign. Oh, and looking good while doing it, too.

Because of you!

Hi, I was wondering if you had off-the-shelf solutions already printed and pre-made available for purchase per unit? Cheers

I was wondering if you offer any other templates on your website?

Need some help with designing please.

Hi guys, am I able to create a custom sized mailer box?


Yep, your feedback is to thank for this new site! We were blown away by the response to inke when we first launched, and since then have been listening to what you love and what you’re looking for when you visit our website.


The goal was to then put this information in the palm of your hand – the navigation, layout and wording on our site have all been given a freshen up. We’re making ordering custom packaging as easy as it should be – and letting you get back to business.  


The custom quotes we’ve received have also highlighted a few common things that brands are looking for in their custom packaging – so we’ve looked to integrate these into our offering, too.

You've inspired us

We’re always keen to see what’s coming up in the design, packaging and ecommerce industries; paired with some of the amazing designs we’ve seen from our customers, we’ve been inspired to try some new things.


Whether this be a different look, testing out new features or pushing the boundaries of design, we love taking inspiration from other creatives and challenging ourselves to make inke the best it can be for you. Phase one is this new site – we think you’ll love it.

We’re taking it to the next level

We’re constantly looking ahead here at inke – where do we want our brand to go, and how can we make working with us an even better experience for our customers? We’ve got so many awesome ideas to share with you, and our new website is just the beginning.


Not only have we updated the look and feel of the inke website to up our game; we’ve also got new features up our sleeves that we’ll be adding throughout the year, to keep ourselves at the forefront of the custom packaging industry.


We’ve got big things planned for the year – and we’d love for you to be a part of them.

It's time to explore our new website. What will you discover?

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