How to Nail Subscription Box Packaging

How to Nail Subscription Box Packaging

Deliver more than just a curation of products each month – deliver a lasting impression of your brand.

With subscriptions popping up every other day, either from established brands or as a standalone service, it’s a unique opportunity that has the ability to span multiple industries.

Whether you’re in the coffee, clothing, cosmetic or consumable business, a subscription is a great way to introduce customers to your offering & expanding their horizons to try products they otherwise might not.

Additionally, a subscription ensures you are engaging regularly with your customer base & gives you a platform to launch new products or branding to a core market before rolling out on a larger scale.

One thing’s for certain – your packaging is a marketing opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Consider your subscription packaging options

A key consideration when launching or growing your subscription service – the all-important packaging. Considered by many consumers to be just as important as what’s inside, your subscription packaging should both engage your audience while also telling a story – either about your brand, or the theme of the contents.

The standard choice for subscription service packaging is – you guessed it – a box. A mailer box is easy to ship, available in a wide range of sizes (we’ve got 20 available ready to buy here at inke) & user-friendly. If you’re shipping anything a little bigger or heavier (like candles or beer) then a shipper box might be better suited to your offering.

Another option for smaller services is a padded bag or envelope. While this does offer protection to more delicate products, the options for customisation & branding are pretty limited. Plus, it’s pretty hard to have an unboxing without the box!

Create an unforgettable custom design

The best exposure for your subscription service? Features on your customers’ social media channels, thanks to an impactful unboxing experience.

The difference between the arrival of a subscription box as a service versus an experience is all in the packaging – your subscribers will want to feel like they’re receiving a handcrafted gift from you each month, or however often you deliver.

Using a supplier like inke allows you to create gorgeous custom packaging for your subscribers as often as you like – our small print runs start from just 10 units, so we suit any size operation; & we guarantee a turnaround of 14 business days or less.

Want to have different variations on a theme this month? Our variable data printing means you can alternate between different designs within a single print run, so you can take the personalisation of your customers’ experience to a new level.

Find the perfect fit for your subscription boxes

Another important element of your subscription box packaging to consider – its size. Making sure it will fit all of your potential items is a must, but it’s also crucial to think about how your box size can impact shipping costs.

If your box will consistently weigh less than a kilogram, then your shipping charges will usually fall within a consistently similar range.

But if your subscription will include heavier items, Australia Post will charge by cubic weight of your box if it’s heavier than what’s inside. The cubic weight is the parcel’s volume in cubic metres multiplied by 250. This means that despite the box contents, depending on the cubic weight of your box versus its actual weight, you’ll be charged for whichever is heaviest.

To avoid being slugged for space you’re not using, it’s key to work out a box that will snugly fit those larger items when they’re included, without wasting space when they’re not. inke’s mailer boxes come in 20 sizes, so chances are we already offer what you need!


Whether you’re looking to set up a subscription box or give your existing service a much-needed refresh, inke can help you make that crucial first impression.

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