How to Send a Memorable Message with Custom Mailers

e-Commerce stores lack the customer service middle man, relying on product and online presence for sales. Customers are taking a gamble when they shop online, that what they see is what they’ll get (and then some). So how can e-Commerce stores surprise and delight customers, leaving a lasting impression?

Two major considerations for memorable marketing in the age of the influencer are optics (how will this look?) and experience (how will this feel?). That’s where custom mailer boxes come in. 

The unboxing experience

An online order is so much more than just the product received. 

The customer experience extends to everything from the confirmation email to the tissue paper lining the mailer. Remember, the mailer box is your customer’s first tactile point of contact with your brand. Maximising your impact at this point of the customer journey is important.

Choosing a mailer that is easy to open, aesthetically pleasing, and is well-designed both outside and in with your brand’s type and tone of voice is an easy way to enhance the complete customer experience and promote return custom. Plus, good design equals good content, and who doesn’t love a bit of free Instagram marketing?


The influencer effect

The advent of social media means we’ve never seen more packaging in our feeds. 41% of influencers surveyed by TapInfluence said they receive PR gifts weekly, with 72% of them likely to post about it. Of course, influencer marketing is a great strategy, but we’re not here to tell you that.

With custom mailer boxes, Instagram users don’t need to read someone’s caption to know where the product in question is from. What we’re saying is a well-designed custom mailer box is a cost-effective, easy and memorable means of getting your brand across. 


How can you maximise memorability?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Get creative with your custom box design. Don’t rely on your brand’s logo to leave an impact.  If you’re going to design your own packaging, snappy copy and eye-catching graphics are the way to grab and maintain attention.