How To Make Custom Packaging Affordable For Your Brand

Custom packaging is more affordable than you think – here’s how to make a big impact, without the big costs.

Picture this – you’re packing an order. You’ve got your amazing product in your hands, and you’re lovingly placing it into… a plain cardboard box. Hmm. It’s probably not your first choice, is it?

But custom packaging is out of my budget! You say. We’ll let you in on a secret – custom packaging doesn’t have to break the bank. Think of it as investing in your brand from the first impression up. It can have a lasting positive impact on your revenue, too – 40% of consumers are likely to become repeat customers of a retailer that uses premium packaging to ship orders.

So, how can you integrate custom packaging into your business’ budget?

Order in bulk

The more the merrier, right? If you’re looking to make an investment in your packaging, placing a larger order will earn you the best deal; prices per unit decrease as you increase the size of your total order.

Considering our mailer boxes on inke, an order of 100 boxes will cost $6.37 per unit (at the time of writing); up your order to 500 boxes, and you’ll pay just $4.34 a box. Placing orders strategically and ordering big when you do will yield you the best value when it comes to custom packaging. Other small adjustments, like opting for single-sided printing on your box, can add up to big savings.

Offset the costs

Another way to make custom packaging more affordable is to absorb or offset the costs into your business model.

Increase the value of your unboxing experience through charging for your gift boxes – for example, purchase your custom box for $4.34 a unit; then list it as a special add-on item on your site for $10. This option is especially effective if your product is likely to be bought as a gift.

Alternatively, increase your prices by a minimal amount across the board to offer the custom packaging as standard to all of your customers. The introduction of custom packaging will increase the perceived value and status of your brand in the eyes of consumers, which will justify any rise in cost as a result.

Remember the return on investment

While it may not be apparent after you’ve clicked the ‘purchase’ button on your first order, swapping your packaging for a custom design is a sure-fire way to grow your business.

Branded cardboard box packaging creates an unboxing experience for your customer upon delivery, amping up the anticipation for their order. This box, whether seen by the neighbours on the front step or by your customer’s entire social media feed, acts as a form of free advertising long after it’s left your hands.

Custom boxes also create a great first impression, fostering customer loyalty and generating a positive reputation for your brand among new and existing consumers – over 60% of consumers say that brands seem more high-end when their items ship in custom branded packaging.

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