Why Unboxing Matters

Increase sales by providing customers with a unique, shareable unboxing experience


Your customers start forming their first impression of you before they’ve even got your product in their hands.

If you currently think of your packaging simply as a way to safely move your product from A to B, there’s your first mistake. Particularly if you’re a purely an e-commerce store, there’s massive potential in using your packaging as an extra marketing tool.

New customers have only ever been able to interact with your brand online. Receiving their first product from you needs to live up to the expectations formed from their online experience.

McFarlane Packaging surveyed consumers across a range of sectors about their unboxing experiences. The results revealed a massive missed opportunity for e-commerce stores. We were gobsmacked that e-commerce stores were skipping out on this awesome opportunity to give your product and brand more meaning and personality.

Some of the most worrying stats included a whopping 61% of packages received had no branding on either the inside or outside of the packaging. With no way to communicate their brand or their story on anything other than the product inside, first impressions are limited.

55% didn’t reflect the value of the brand. This can mean two things. Brands are either limited in their packaging options due to cost or practicality, or they’ve completely missed the mark on presenting their brand in a way their customers are familiar with.

24% of packages were difficult to actually open. Fiddling around, breaking nails, or resorting to busting out the box-cutters to get to your purchase isn’t gonna put anyone in a good mood for what’s inside.

These brands aren’t committed to creating a full end-to-end experience for their customers, and it shows.

Create a shareable unboxing experience

We hate to say it but in the social media age, if your product and packaging aint insta-worthy, it’s time to head back to the drawing board. The #unboxing Instagram hashtag is always busy, and the trend has grown explosively on YouTube over the years.

Unboxing content usually involves documenting and reviewing the experience of receiving and opening a package from a purchase. For good unboxing content, the experience has to have added value.

Here’s a few of our tips to use your packaging as an extra marketing tool by adding the value of a #grammable unboxing moment.

Invest in unique design and good quality

Your packaging needs to be sturdy enough to protect your product, but it also needs to be easy to open and very aesthetic.  Most of all, it needs to be unique.

Invest in quality packaging you can customise so that it’s instantly recognisable as the brand your customers know and love. Making your packaging customised and unique to your brand.

Include enough fillers so your product is protected and looks cosy in its beautiful box. Consider a unique scent for your packaging to create an unboxing experience that excites all the senses.

Get social

Include branded hashtags or social media handles on your boxes for customers to share your products. The aim is to create a community of your customers on social media, and make it easy for those using and sharing your brand in their day-to-day.

Get personal

This one is crucial if you’re sending your product to influencers, but it also applies to every customer. Everyone likes to feel special, and everyone likes perks. If it’s practical, make the extra effort to leave a small thank-you note, a discount code for their next order, or a small freebie.

For influencers, you can do some research on what they like and what makes them tick. This way they’ll be more excited to share your product and their unboxing experience.