Making Your Custom Packaging Eco Friendly

With growing pressure from consumers for brands to be mindful of their environmental impact, using eco-friendly packaging is more important than ever.

As e-commerce and online shopping continue to boom, retailers are sending out countless packages each and every week to consumers. As a result, easy packaging that can be quickly assembled in large numbers has long been a favourite for shipping items.

But Australia has seen a growing push for sustainability in the retail space – and with more consumers becoming concerned about brands’ environmental impact, it’s likely that environmentally friendly packaging will soon cease to be optional.

At inke, we’re often asked about the sustainability of our packaging – so we wanted to explain a bit more about how our custom packaging can have a positive impact on the environment.

We use recyclable materials

Once the initial joy of receiving a package has faded, your consumer may look to repurpose your gorgeous design – but chances are, they’ll look to dispose of their items’ packaging within a week or two.

Making this box recyclable (like we have at inke) makes it easy for your customers to discard your packaging correctly – it can be time-consuming to have to remove non-biodegradable elements from traditional packaging (like bubble wrap), providing a barrier for consumers to recycle.

inke keeps everything local, too; buying our cardboard and basing production in Melbourne from trusted suppliers to minimise emissions, and control the environmental and ethical impacts of our product. All of our own waste is recycled, too!

When your whole box is able to be recycled, you’re ensuring it can have a life beyond its first use – and making it easy while you’re at it.

We help cut down on wasted space

We’ve all received an online order before, and opened the enormous box only to find our tiny item – and excessive amounts of packing plastic. On average, up to 40% of every parcel shipped today is just air – meaning a lot of packaging is unnecessarily going to waste.

As a standard, inke offers a large variety of sizes across our boxes to help you find the closest match to your product size. But we also offer custom quotes too – meaning you can order the perfect-sized box for your items, and eliminate wasted space in your packaging.

Using the right-sized box not only cuts down your environmental impact, but also can help bring your shipping costs down too.  

We use sustainable printing

Forgoing traditional printing methods, inke uses digital printing to create our packaging. Digital printing functions using toners – think your printer at home (then think much, much bigger!).

This process uses UV ink – an eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t contain the carbon-based chemicals found in other inks. Using UV ink also eliminates the need for heat during the printing process, creating a safer workplace for our employees.

Digital printing also affords smaller print runs, so there’s no wasting boxes to meet huge minimum orders. Using only ink and cardboard required for each order means that inke can sustainably deliver a great product with each and every order.



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