Make a splash this event season with custom wine boxes 

The end of the year is rife with events: Christmas parties, product launches and New Years Eve are just a few key players. 

Custom wine packaging can help your brand stand out from the rest in a number of ways. 

If you’re supplying to parties, having your stock in a personalised packaging box not only makes it easily traceable, it presents a consistent brand identity to venues and patrons alike.

So what are the key benefits of custom wine boxes?

Tangible brand identity

Maintaining a strong presence in the market is key for any brand. 

Having uniform design across your product and packaging it’s transported in sends a message to consumers and competitors alike that your brand has a strong attention to detail, and is willing to go that one step further to show it. 

Also worth considering are your competitors: how many of them are using custom packaging? Are they doing it well? And what is your point of difference?


Easy marketing

Event organisers are also likely to put your brand in the spotlight if you’ve got packaging that clearly identifies who you are and what you offer. Opting for custom printed wine boxes is a minimum effort for maximum effect tactic when you consider the optics. 

Imagine your personalised boxes stacked up behind the open bar of a Christmas function. Your logo is clearly visible, making your brand the drink of choice. 

Custom packaging also makes for great social media content, which is a win for marketing purposes. Think about how many prospective customers might see your custom printed packaging in the background of a post. A regular kraft shipping box isn’t going to grab their attention. 


Ordering custom wine boxes is easy thanks to Inke. We can customise your order to suit your requirements – just request a quote today.