Why You Should Ditch Traditional Invitations this Event Season

Summer is the season for events: new store openings and menu and product launches are in abundance. While emails are a cheap and cheerful, not to mention speedy, way to reach your guest list, sometimes the best way to make a splash is through a personalised paper invitation.

Taking it one step further and opting for custom printed cardboard boxes as your invites is an innovative and memorable option your guests will love. Why else should you order a custom box design instead of Plain Jane paper invites? Funny you should ask… 

If you have a product you want guests to bring or wear to the event

When you’re launching a new clothing line, it only makes sense to have your guests sporting it at the launch. Sending pieces in a custom mailer box with the event details printed inside is a sure-fire way to amplify your brand presence and above all else, a fun way of sending an invite.


If you want to surprise and delight guests

Perhaps you’ve chosen a few items to accompany the invitation as a thank you to guests. You’ll need something to send them in! So why not make your mailer boxes perform double duty and have them personalised?


If you want to create a social media storm

We’ve written before about the effectiveness of the unboxing experience for brand exposure. Taking your invitations up a notch with personalised mailer boxes is a recipe for social media content. Incentivising content is also a great way to get the word out about new products, ranges or locations you may have in the pipeline. 


If you want to beat competitors 

In a market saturated by digital content, the mere act of sending a paper invitation over an email is already going to have an impact. Why not take it even further with a personalised mailer box


Custom packaging is an innovative and unique way to elevate your brand and send a message (literally). Get started today!