Maximising brand presence through custom beer boxes

Whether you’re a craft brewer or a small-time hops fan, this summer your beers deserve a personal touch to stand out from their peers. 

Our custom beer boxes are a great way to amp up corporate gifting solutions, freshen up your brand identity and make a splash on competitors. 


Corporate gifting

What goes together better than summer and beer? Not a whole lot, which is why marketing your brand to businesses as the perfect corporate gift for a hard year’s work is a great move. 

Our custom beer boxes come sized as mailers for as little as 3 cans, and as many as 10. So whether it’s a little thank you on top of another gift, or a cheers to a good year, we’ve got you covered.


Summer events

When the silly season rolls around, your stock will be flying out the door. Shouldn’t you be sending it off in style? 

The optics of your shipments should remain front of mind when it comes time to replenish your clients. Custom printed mailing and shipper boxes with your logo will stand out in transit and maintain your brand’s rightful place: front of mind. 


Refresh your brand

You wear different clothes when summer rolls around, so why shouldn’t your product? 

If you’ve redesigned your bottle and can designs for the silly season, you need updated packaging to match. Summer designs make for great social media content, while festive Christmas labelling is a great way to drive easy gift sales. 

Matching custom packaging boxes optimise your product for gifting and make your brand memorable in the eyes of your consumer.

Even better, take the gift pack idea to the next level and design a countdown calendar! This is a fun way to increase the volume of your offerings, and capitalise on the season.


Remain competitive

Investing in custom packaging is also the best way to stand out in the eyes of competitors. It shows you’re willing to stay on top of trends in the market and reposition your brand to maintain relevance. Plus, it presents a clearly defined brand identity. 


It’s quick and easy

Inke’s maximum turnaround for orders is 2 weeks. If you under-order before a big event or shipment, all it takes is jumping online, resubmitting your design and choosing your quantity. You’ll be sorted in no time.