Don’t Give More, Give Better this Christmas

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of ways to reward your team for all they’ve achieved. Corporate gifting can go one of two ways:  either really well, or everyone gets the same, cheap vanilla-scented candle, and a gift card to a store they’ll never visit.

A good gift goes a long way for your business. If curated well, your corporate gifts won’t go unnoticed by clients or employees. It’s a way to make them feel connected to you and your business, and that they’ve contributed to something good, and something memorable, throughout the course of the year. 

The right gift does so much more than say thank you. It fosters a sense of loyalty between your company and those you work with. 

So how can inke help you give a memorable gift this year?

Personalised wrapping solution

If you’ve got a decent-sized crew, chances are you don’t have time to spare, especially not for wrapping individual gifts. Inke custom mailer boxes are the perfect solution to your gift-wrap woes.  Upload your own branded design, or choose one of our pre-designed options for custom printed boxes that are memorable and sure to leave a good impression.


As every inch of our boxes is customisable, you can include a message for your team, eliminating the need for Christmas cards or end of year newsletters. 


Timely and cost-effective gift boxes

All of our custom boxes are made from recycled materials, and printed with UV ink. Great, what does that mean for you? Your order, no matter how big, will arrive within 14 business days of ordering. Our use of sustainable materials also mean we can offer you the best price on custom packaging. That means even if you leave the wrapping to the eleventh hour, there’s no need to stress.


Despite this, it’s probably best to get on top of your corporate gifts before the end of the year gets on top of you. Get started on your inke order today.