Brand to Customer – Bridging the Gap with Custom Packaging

Brick and mortar stores have an innate advantage over eCommerce thanks to their tangible location and the face-to-face interaction they enjoy with their clientele. While shopping online cuts out the middleman and allows your target market to purchase with ease, the fact remains that often, it’s the personal touches and the overall experience that sell product. Read on to find out how your brand can use custom packaging to connect with customers in ways brick and mortar can’t.

Surprise and delight customers

In some traditional retail stores, depending on the brand, retail assistants have the ability to surprise and delight customers. This may come in the form of a small gift, discount or just a memorable conversation that motivates the customer to return. 


This is also possible in the e-Commerce sphere – the execution will just be different. If you’ve been using plain kraft mailers to send product, just the act of switching to custom printed packaging is a surprise in itself. Where you can build on this is the creative direction you take with your packaging. Enhancing the customer experience with pleasing visuals and strong messaging are an easy invitation to re-purchase. 


Adding a personalised message, or even a discount code under the lid effectively brings you closer to your customer, creating positive brand sentiment. 


Speak directly to your customer

While retail assistants have the ability to strike up and maintain conversation with customers, using messaging on your mailer boxes is a more direct way of conveying your brand’s tone of voice. It’s also an effective way to stimulate conversation surrounding your brand, depending on what you choose to print. 


Adding a call-to-action on your packaging is the most direct way to encourage return custom. Not to mention, printing it on your box saves time and money you may have spent on cards to accompany product.


Why is custom packaging so important?

Nevermind your digital presence, the mailer box is the first tactile point of contact your customer has with your brand. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. Custom packaging is your opportunity to make a statement, make your brand’s identity and values clear, and most importantly, make it fun.

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