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inke packaging — March 11, 2021

Why branding plays a huge role in sales

In today’s overly saturated online market, it can be hard to differentiate your brand from the next five offering a similar service.

You only have so few touchpoints with your customers: they order your product, they wait and then they receive it.

To increase your chance of repeat orders, you need to make the most out of the customer experience. This means drawing out how long your customer thinks about your brand, making your brand present in their minds, using your time to do something different and using your brand’s identity to influence their return.

Quality branding is everything when it comes to establishing brand awareness as it’s a reminder to your customer why they bought your product in the first place.

We know you know that printed packaging is, of course, your preference over plain, undistinguished brown cardboard and that the only thing stopping you may be cash flow. However, do keep in mind that there are ways to offset the costs, and don’t forget about the dividends it could pay in your favour. With minimum orders starting from as little as *1 unit through our online store, there has never been an easier and more accessible way to get involved.

What is good custom packaging?

Good packaging increases sales and sparks conversations.

We’ve proudly watched this happen time and time again from many of our users as they first approach us as a start-up business, and before we know it, they’ve increased their order quantities to keep up with a growing customer base in a matter of months. Take Crockd, for example, which by incorporating a fun and unique branding experience into their packaging design, saw a huge spike in sales during the peak of a global pandemic. This success took their business from home office to warehouse, with demands for kits increasing exponentially week on week.

Crockd understands when their customer feels like they’re holding something special, they will share the unboxing experience with their friends on social media. This was proven when their social media account gained over 15,000 followers in just three months after launching.

Branding inspiration

Suppose you’re looking for some inspiration, head over to Pinterest or Behance as a starting point. You’ll find that these platforms profile some of the best custom designs throughout a diverse range of industries from across the globe.

Alternatively, please take a look through our social platforms, which showcase a huge variety of Australian startups who have designed authentic, quality custom packaging, which has then been printed with us.

The longevity of branded packaging

When packaging is good, it’s harder to throw out.

Dimple is another successful D2C startup that used our platform to elevate their customers’ experience by following key branding pillars to establish a beautiful, functional and personal product.

Their personal approach to packaging design found them seeing that their packaging had the ability to outlive what was inside, prompting users to hang onto their boxes and reuse them for other purposes.

Having your packaging sitting in your customers' house or office is the ultimate compliment for a brand. It’s also a constant and subtle reminder for them to come back for more.

It’s important to remember that consumers can and will make decisions based on packaging alone. So tap into those emotions, as good branding will generate more sales and referrals through happy customers.

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