Why eCommerce brands should be using custom packaging

inke packaging — February 18, 2021

There are so many advantages to having an e-commerce store. Without the overheads of traditional brick and mortar outposts, you cut costs, and your customers benefit from lower prices. But you also miss out on interacting with your customer as you would in a physical store. Custom packaging lets you make up for this lost opportunity and strengthen your brand. Let’s see why.

Tell your story

Custom branded packaging opens a world of opportunity for you to show off your brand in whatever way you want. With digital printing, there are no restrictions on design. It’s simply printing whatever you can throw onto that PDF template of yours directly to the material.

Some packaging companies may charge you per colour used in your design, restricting your brand from telling its true story. So, not to brag, but if ordering in quantities under 3000 units, it’s better to go digital with us through our online store.

We’re aiming to refine packaging here in Australia by making it super simple to access and source custom and sustainable options through modern technology.

Our process is simple. Just choose a product, download the template, design it however you want, get an instant quote and buy it online on your own terms. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Show them what you’re made of

With the ability to design and print anything you want to, you have the opportunity as a brand to reflect your values directly to your customers.

For example, our packaging is 100% Australian made. Use this in your design to show your commitment to the Australian economy, which we’re sure your Aussie customers will love you for. Something as simple as this is a huge value-add opportunity for your brand to further engage with customers.

Shopping sustainably is another key concern for consumers. By sourcing your packaging from us, you’re telling your base that your values align with theirs, pleasing your customers and lending credibility to your brand.

First impressions last

Did you know that 7 in 10 people decide to buy a product based on the packaging? Needless to say, you need to make a good first impression, especially in an ever-growing online market. This is essential to stay in front of your competition.

With custom packaging, you can rely on high-quality digital printing results to impress your customers, leaving them with a memorable unboxing experience they’ll not only want to share with their friends but will leave them wanting more and adding incentive to their next purchase with you.

Rather than giving you more statistics on this, we want you to think about your own experiences here. Think about the last time you shopped online from a store you’ve got no physical connection with. Did your order arrive in branded or plain packaging? And how did both make you feel from a customer perspective?

We’d bet the house that the branded packaging experience was more memorable.

Become shareable

Have you ever received a parcel, opened it, and been so excited you snapped photos directly to your Instagram or Facebook to share with friends?

Customers get excited about their orders arriving. Of course, they do. It’s something they’ve spent their own hard-earned money on. So, it’s important as a brand that you live up to customer expectations. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is to send your product in stylish packaging that will make them feel good upon arrival, or as we like to call it, #sendjoy.

Nearly half of customers share their unboxing experiences with friends and family, either privately or on social media. Custom packaging for your e-commerce products encourages more shares and puts your brand in front of new audiences. The better the unboxing experience, the more shareable it becomes, so don’t miss this opportunity to shine!

Build relationships

Running an eCommerce business is different from running a physical store because you don’t have customer service representatives to speak to your customers and build relationships with them.

When it comes to online, whilst your website is your storefront, your packaging is your only physical opportunity to make up for this lost touchpoint. Use well-designed custom packaging to generate emotion, and build strong relationships between your customer and your brand and continue to develop this over time.

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