Using text as art for your custom packaging design

inke packaging — March 23, 2022

People often ask, why use typography when a picture can speak a thousand words?

Well, this isn't entirely true when it comes to packaging design.

Excellent packaging should strike a balance in design, using both visual elements and written material to tell a story.

But what if we told you that your text can actually take centre stage and let your product stand out even more? It might sound intimidating…so here's a quick guide to using text as art for your next custom packaging design and some of our favourite ways to do so!

Why should I use text as art for my custom package design?

Typography is not always just meant to be read. While its main role is communication, it can also be an intricate art form in its own right.

From conveying emotion to demonstrating a brand’s personality, clever typography serves multiple purposes, and is actually one of the biggest packaging trends for 2022.

Ever heard of ‘eccentric text-centric? It's generally a design trend that forgoes photography and illustrations, instead balancing white and negative space with playful typefaces in even more playful colours.

Here are some brands who have found success adopting this type of design into their custom packaging.

So, what type of messaging should I include?

The type of typography messaging to include in your product packaging really depends on your product line, your brand’s voice and what aspect of your product you are looking to promote the most.

To navigate this easier, here's a few tips and pointers for crafting the perfect typography messaging for your packaging!

Keep it short and simple- literally

Brands with a generic product range - this one’s for you.

It would be helpful for your product packaging to showcase exactly what your product offers through text in a simple and straightforward way.

Initially popularised by brands like no name, text is used to communicate the product’s intent without decorating it with unnecessary elements. This meets today’s consumer’s fast paced demands in quite a simple and effective way.

In this sense, the text is also seen as a form of artwork itself and ironically no name's “anti-brand” approach has actually attracted a cult following. Talk about less is more!

Get catchy and creative

Developing an effective advertising slogan will help your brand cut through the chatter and get consumer attention quickly.

While a paragraph-long explanation of your product might give potential customers plenty of information, a punchy slogan or witty catchphrase cuts through the clutter and creates a memorable image in the customers’ minds.

Check out how one of our clients and leading subscription contact lens brand Dimple has done this.

Remember to keep your catch phrases short, concise and rhyming if possible! This will earn you extra brownie points in making your packaging more eye-catching.

Already have a cool catchphrase in mind? Click here to see how we can help you translate that into a design brief in minutes!

Let the font do the talking

Once you have decided on what type of messaging to go for, one of the most important components of a text-centric packaging design is choosing a typeface.

Try to find one that speaks for your product - not only through words, but also in the typography itself.

For example, if you’re selling fitness equipment, you’ll likely want to choose a sans serif font that is strong and bold – something that conveys power and strength. If you’re selling lollies, perhaps you’ll opt for something more fun and whimsical. Consider your target audience and the “type of type” that will catch their eye and capture their attention.

Here's some of our pro tips when choosing the right brand fonts:

  • Be unique & memorable: steer clear of basic fonts that tend to blend in.

  • Two is always better than one: Once you select your primary font, begin searching for compatible fonts that work well with it to add variation!

  • Evaluate in context: make sure the font you select is readable and versatile enough to be used in other platforms such as websites, social media and other marketing materials.

Got an idea for a great packaging design? We can make it happen. Start by choosing your custom packaging box here.

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