The perfect finishing Touch: Peggy and Finn

inke packaging — March 11, 2021

After delivering one of our most recent orders for Peggy & Finn, we sat down with co-founder Olly Parsons to ask a few questions on the experience he had with us and gain some insight into the difference saw in comparison to previous suppliers.

Olly found he could easily navigate through our product options and sizes to find what would best suit the brand’s needs and get an instant quote to compare which quantity option would work best.

Landing on one of our postage boxes, he was able to quickly download the product template and send it over to his graphic designer to create a print-ready file using the brand’s signature patterns and clever copy.

Once the design was sorted, Olly placed an order for 10 units to trial the packaging (to see what we are all about) and gained full confidence before committing to a larger order. Safe to say, it was a hit as they returned not long after to place an order of 1000 units (which they have now done a few times over!) as their customers love the extra touch they receive when their package rocks up at their door.

Olly's feedback

Tell us about the brand – Who are Peggy and Finn?

"We are a unique & creative brand started by a duo of mates with a passion for creating high-quality pieces. We started the brand after searching for our own perfect groom & groomsmen attire, identifying a gap in the market for unique men’s accessories.”

What benefits did you see in choosing custom packaging for your brand?

“One of the main drawcards to our brand is the unique prints – the ability to be able to showcase these prints on the packaging has enabled us to be consistent in our brand messaging.”

Tell us about the benefits you saw in purchasing 10 boxes before locking in a larger order.

“We were able to test the market, ensuring it was a great fit for our customers. We sold out of the gift boxes before we even had a chance to put them online after a sneak peek Instagram post got the ball rolling.”

What benefits did inke’s self-service ordering platform provide your brand?

“When you run your own business, you are time-poor. So the self-servicing avoided unnecessary delays that we usually get with suppliers when we are asking for quotes, trying to work out specs, etc.”

What was your experience with inke like in comparison to previous packaging suppliers?

“What we really liked is how easy it was to upload our own design and pick the size we were after. We have had trouble sourcing high-quality packaging overseas in the past and often get tripped up with the significant investment given the MOQ required.”

Have Peggy and Finn’s new branded boxes helped with customer engagement?

“We received significant interaction when we posted a sneak peek of our new boxes on our Instagram account, with customers sending direct messages enquiring as to how they could get their hands on the product.”

How did you offset the packaging costs to make it feasible for the brand?

“As we include a number of items in the box, we have been able to absorb the costs of the packaging by increasing our average dollar for online orders. In addition to this, we are saving on postage boxes every time we send an order. Winning!”

What has your customer feedback been like from your new packaging?

“Our customers have been extremely pleased with our boxes as they have really made male gift-giving a whole lot easier.”

On a final note, Olly added, “Inke is a self-service packaging company that offers set sizes making the complicated simple. If you want a high-quality product without the hassle, I would highly recommend it.”

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