Benefits of CMYK digital printing

inke packaging — March 12, 2021

When choosing a production method for your packaging, you’ll first want to establish what your requirements are as a brand. These could be how many units you need to order, how quickly you need them delivered, and any considerations around your design and the importance of any details.

The highest quality of packaging available is created through a process which we call PlatePress. This method achieves ultra-smooth and high-quality results (similar to what you would see in a magazine) using solid PMS PANTONE colour matches.

Sounds great, right? Well, it's not for everyone. Placing an order that achieves these results usually means a large initial investment, as minimum orders start at 3000 units to offset the setup costs. Also, orders using PlatePress have a longer lead time of around 4-6 weeks.

This process is popular amongst established brands who are buying in bulk (tens of thousands) or at least regularly, as it provides a more cost-effective ROI in the long run. However, the downside is restricting those brands who don’t have the cash flow to justify the investment to get involved.

Well, not for long. Thanks to updated technology, a new solution that’s fast becoming brands’ preferred choice of production is available. This is called CMYK digital print and is how all of our online orders are produced.

Simply put, CMYK digital is the best method of production available to accommodate sustainably printed, short-medium run packaging requirements in quick turnaround times at cost-effective prices.

No longer are you held to high minimum orders and restricted to artwork usage. With digital printing, you can order from as low as *1 unit using any design you choose. That’s because there are no restrictions on artwork or colour usage and no setup fees, meaning you can change between sizes and artworks as much as you like.

Digital printing has advanced so much that when compared to PlatePress, the differences are nearly impossible to spot if the design has been set up correctly for the CMYK process. Bear in mind, though, that some elements, when printed digitally, naturally print better than others in alignment with our printing guidelines.

With the ability to order in small volumes, you also have the freedom to trial new designs to review in person before committing to larger orders, and its’ certainly never been as accessible here in Australia until now.

Aside from the sustainable benefits of choosing digital printing, there are many reasons why this new age method is becoming so popular. Some of the key benefits for your consideration are as follows:

Small order volumes

One of the key benefits of choosing to produce your packaging using digital printing is the ability to order in small volumes.

Our range of products and sizes are available from as little as 1 unit in most cases and thereon in small incremental breaks in alignment with our production processes so that you can eliminate the need to purchase unnecessary units and helping to reduce waste by avoiding the use of excess materials.

This is because, unlike other printing methods, digital, which prints PDF files directly to the material surface, doesn’t require any artwork set up.

Cost efficiencies

As we mentioned earlier, not all brands have the cash flow on hand to make the investment into high volume orders, which for years has previously turned them off the idea of custom packaging, preventing them to offer this to their customers. With digital printing, and by working with us, you can skip all setup costs associated with production set up and order as many units as you need to suit your budget.

Otherwise, if none of our sizes works for your needs, you can get an instant quote by using our online custom packaging calculator.

Fast turnaround times

Another great benefit of digital printing over rival processes is its speedy turnaround time. Because there are no set up involvements, your packaging can be printed, packed and at your door before you know it. We advise a 14 business day period before dispatch on all orders placed. However, we’ll certainly aim to get it to you far sooner.

Whilst our other printing methods available, PlatePress and WaterPress, both have benefits of their own, and they are subject to 4-6 week turnarounds.

No set-up fees

Typically with traditional methods of printing, you would need to pay additional fees for artwork set up, which can also restrict you from printing the design you’d like to use as you can be charged per colour. With digital, you’ll never pay a design-related fee again because, like your printer in the office, but on a much bigger scale, it’s simply the process of printing PDF files directly to the material surface.

On top of that, by choosing to use the sizes available on our online store, you won’t pay any setup costs on sizes, while other companies may charge you for what’s called a forme contribution (the blade that cuts out the boxes). These can be quite expensive if not factored into your initial costing. Luckily we absorb the costs so that you can change between our available sizes at no additional cost!

Freedom with design

Set your mind free with the ability to design whatever you want. There are no restrictions with artwork in regards to colour usage or print coverage. While, of course, there are design elements that work better than others, in alignment with our printing guidelines, with digital production, you can design your box however you want with no limitations and expect stunning results in return.


For consumers and potential new customers, how a brand operates, and more importantly, whether they do so sustainably, is fast becoming the most important factor in the decision-making process. Digital printing not only offers a wide range of advantages from a customer point of view, but it also provides many eco-benefits over traditional production methods, which you can get familiar with here.


One practice most businesses have in common is trying a sample or prototype to make sure it’s the right fit before committing to a large order. Through traditional production methods, printing in small volumes isn’t possible. You may be planning on ordering above 3000 units to achieve ultra-high quality with PlatePress production. However, printing a one-off sample using this technique isn’t a viable option.

With digital printing, you can produce printed prototypes much quicker and at far less of a cost. You can trial this through our online store by purchasing as little as 1 unit using your brand’s design.

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