The benefits of custom product packaging for your brand

inke packaging — March 23, 2022

If you’re an eCommerce-first brand, you might not see the need for individual product packaging. Extra boxes are an added expense that take up valuable real estate in your warehouse and in the box you send out to your customers. Don’t worry, we get it. We’re in the box business, after all.

But! Adding that extra touch can actually be a really good thing, for your brand and your products. Here’s why.

Individual boxes add a protective layer

When your pieces are in transit, having that extra layer of protection is crucial, as it can mean the difference between a product arriving in 1 or 1 million pieces. Imagine your customer’s face when they open the package they’ve been eagerly waiting for, only to find that ($80 serum/hand-blown glass ornament/artisanal perfume/insert other fragile item here) smashed to smithereens inside the box. Not only will they be crushed, they’ll also have some not too kind words to say to 1. whoever delivered it, and, 2. you - for not doing everything you could to ensure it arrived safely!

Product packaging makes gifting easy

Don’t you reckon it’s ~the worst~ when you buy someone the perfect gift but you go to wrap it and it’s a funky shape that simply will not look good wrapping paper? Side note: how easy is it to wrap boxes?! Do your customers a favour and put your prods in their own little house that fits perfectly inside the cute wrapping paper they just bought.

Boxes fit more conveniently when stored

Have you ever played tetris? If you answered yes, then you’ll know how satisfying it is when all the pieces line up perfectly. And if your product isn’t square or rectangular, then we’re willing to bet you don’t get to enjoy this feeling very often when stacking the shelves or packing your orders. You definitely would if you had everything (literally) squared away in product packaging. Food for thought.

Product packaging is a fun place to share the story of the product

Whatever it is you’re selling, be it skincare, alcohol, jewellery, shoes - it’s all got an origin story. That story should be told with the product, not just on your website or social media. When designing your product packaging, leave a panel for the important stuff like ingredients, composition, sizing, etc. and on the next, share something fun about how it came to be, what your brand strives to do or how to use the product.

It’s an extra element to show your customers you’re detail-oriented

How often have you received an order and it’s just arrived wrapped in a piece of tissue paper and thought: oh. Adding an extra element to the unboxing experience makes it a little bit more like a game of pass-the-parcel and adds a layer of fun for your customers.

They make your product stand out on the shelf

Did we mention our product boxes yet? They’re designed to suit your eCommerce needs as well as any retail or wholesale opportunities your brand has. A cute box will make your product stand out among the others. In some instances, your brand will be required to send individual pieces in boxes, so they’re perfect for that, too!

Ready to order some custom product boxes? Right this way.

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