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inke packaging — March 12, 2021

Online delivery services are in high demand. While it’s great to see the continuous rise in eCommerce platforms and their success, unfortunately, the high amount of freight in transit every single day contributes to severe environmental damage across the globe.

Delivery shouldn’t cost the planet - and don’t get us wrong, delivery can be sustainable, but before we explain how, we’d like to paint the picture for you.

Carbon dioxide is the biggest contributing factor to climate change. One of the main causes of increased CO2 is transport emissions, which primarily include road, rail, air, and sea freight, and in 2016 accounted for over 24% of global CO2 emissions. Transport emissions have been on the rise faster than any other sector, posing a major challenge in a world where eCommerce is becoming our primary source of shopping.

Not only are we seeing a massive increase in online businesses using freight services to send their goods to customers, but with the ease of free returns and express shipping as fulfilment options, it’s becoming evident that while they may be cheap for us, they’re luxuries that come at a high cost for the planet.

Fast-growing Australian eCommerce fulfilment platform Shippit found that 8 out of 10 consumers are now shopping online. 2020 has only seen the eCommerce market grow quicker than we could have imagined. The impact of COVID-19 on the accessibility of everyday essentials has seen more and more users turn to online retail platforms such as Amazon or Kogan. The result? Huge numbers of parcels being sent around the country, creating bottlenecks, delays, and, of course, emissions.

Who is Shippit?

Shippit is the trusted delivery service of thousands of Australian retailers. If you’ve ever received an email with a tracking number from your favourite online store, chances are it came from them.

Through modern technology, they are making it accessible for retailers of all shapes and sizes to take action and provide sustainable shipping methods to freight your goods from warehouse to consumer.

Founded in 2015 and located in Sydney, Shippit originated from humble beginnings with one goal in mind, to offer smart shipping that is 100% environmentally conscious.

They do this by offsetting 100% of their carbon emissions at no extra cost. This includes swift and international delivery. They also purchase carbon offsets to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to achieve net-zero emissions overall. So you can feel good about every package you receive.

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Shippit to introduce their leading technology and service into our platform.

Sustainable printing + Green shipping

When you choose to place an order with us, you’re not just purchasing boxes from any old supplier, you are supporting an Australian startup with sustainable practices in mind.

Not only are we enforcing sustainable shipping measurements through carbon-neutral shipping, but we’re also keeping communications transparent by providing you with a live tracking link (via Shippit). Once your order leaves our facility, we’ll update you with live notifications on any status changes all the way through to delivery at your door.

As we looked to further expand our environmental offering to our customers through sustainable printing and shipping measures it was a no-brainer for us to partner with a freight supplier with the same driving force as us.

We understand that sustainability is becoming the number one driving force amongst consumers for brands to meet, so we’re providing the tools for you to make the switch to an environmentally conscious packaging partner that offers local manufacturing, access to low minimum orders, and environmentally friendly production.

We’re also donating 1.5% of proceeds from all sales back to Greening Australia through our new support initiative to help do our part!

In 2020, we feel that it’s important to take sustainable measures in everything we do, whether that’s supporting local manufactures, home-grown start-up businesses, or shipping consciously in order to reduce carbon footprint. Working together with inke, you’re supporting all of the above and promoting your brand in the smartest way possible whilst reaping the rewards that are offered through custom packaging.

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