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inke packaging — March 12, 2021

Well, we made it. What started as a new concept to refresh our previous platform turned into an ever-evolving 16 month-long project.

With new ideas evolving every day, continuously taking us from what we thought was 'final' back to the drawing board, to building a completely custom and advanced API pricing engine from scratch, and forming new partnerships along the way to better enhance our offering (oh and all of this was in the middle of a global pandemic), we practically designed this site front to back 20 times over. We're glad it's done (for now).

With all that said, we are more than stoked to finally share what we had been tirelessly working on to now help brands flourish and make ordering custom packaging easier than ever before. Before we explain the new features and changes made to our website, we want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of your support so far, as, without it, we would have never reached this point.

We felt it was important that as we grew our presence as a trusted Australian packaging supplier to thousands of growing businesses that we return the favour by investing in improving our platform and product offering to provide all the resources you'll need to manage your packaging inventory in the most seamless manner possible, as we know our previous site had its limitations. We've taken all of your feedback, requests and common queries into deep consideration within this rebuild, and as a result, feel we've managed to meet the brief in terms of allowing you to quite literally order what you need, when you need it, through our updated self-service system.

If you haven't already had a look around through our site before landing on this blog post, here are a few key features of our new website.

Updated look

If you’ve ordered through us before, or perhaps just visited, by now you can probably tell we have given our overall aesthetic a major update. We’ve turned to a more simplistic approach to help provide a more straight forward and modern navigation through our website to help you find what you are looking for faster.

This includes everything from the home page through to our redesigned purchasing tool functions and everything in between (we hope you like it!).

We felt this improved visual and roadmap throughout our platform was an important piece in relaunching our offering. We’ve also got some new ideas which we are currently refining to further implement into this new site of ours, so keep an eye out for these changes coming soon!

Improved product offering

We’ve updated our online store offering from what was previously just 3 products to now over 17 new categories to help direct you to exactly what you need in a much simpler process. Again, we’re looking to further expand on this, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now try contacting us to see if it’s in the works for a release soon!

Whilst keeping to tradition, our mailer boxes category still exists but has had a major upgrade to now include over 30 ready-made sizes for your consideration! We now offer an improved range of products such as shipper boxes, product boxes, wine mailer boxes as well as redesigned industry-standard craft beer and wine packaging plus heaps more!

Within each category (new or existing) you’ll find a wide variety of size options that have been selected to cover as much ground as possible to help you avoid needing a custom size being made, meaning that you can wave goodbye to higher minimum orders and setup fees.

Furthermore, we’ve improved our material offering by introducing a few new options. Firstly we’ve updated our default stock choice as the primary option to ‘White’ which is a more economical option suitable for printing all designs. We have also added on a Kraft-White option which was something that has been heavily requested since our founding. These two stock choices are now readily available from as little as 1 unit along with our previous staples LUX Coat (previously referred to as Clay) and Kraft material options.

Get familiar with our tips and advice on what colours work best for each of these material options when designing for CMYK digital production.


One of the biggest barriers to our users being able to order custom packaging was that they were not familiar with how to actually use the software required to create a design in a print-ready format.

So we’ve answered your calls with more up to date blog pieces, in-depth articles and step-by-step tutorials showing you the way through key stages of the design process. We’ll keep updating these over time with in-demand requests for things that we’ve missed!

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One of the biggest upgrades within our new offering, and something we think you’ll find very helpful now that it exists. When you create your free account with us, you’ll get $20 off your first order as you are introduced to your very own personalised dashboard.

From your dashboard, you can manage all of your account information as well as store your billing and multiple shipping information (home, office, or warehouse) for faster checkout when in your shopping cart. You can also save your favourite products for a later date and access all previous orders to repurchase with the click of a button with all artwork and product specification saved on our servers for your reference.

You’ll also have access to a live order dashboard showing the status of all active purchases that you have in progress as well as those which are complete. We will also send you a live tracking link once your order has been shipped.

Custom packaging tool

If there’s one thing we have learned in the past year, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all, regardless of how many options we provide online. For some, we understand you need something specifically made to your product requirements.

We wanted to still be able to provide this service without having to restrict many users to deal-breaking requirements such as high minimum orders and setup costs for those businesses who aren’t ready to make that commitment just yet.

So, we’ve built a custom packaging calculator that allows you to choose from a style of options, enter your internal dimensions and select your material/printing options before being able to view an instant price online for quantities between 250 -1000 units.

This means no more waiting around for quotes, you can do it all online at your own time! If you do need over 1000 units or perhaps the calculator isn't working for your requirements due to the size being incompatible, you can request a quote with our team and we’ll help sort it out for you.


Everybody loves a sample, and perhaps one of the most common things businesses share is wanting to prototype their product or service before committing to a larger investment. We get it!

So to answer your calls, we’ve reduced our minimum orders to as low as 1 unit (on most of our products) so that you can purchase any size you need using either your design or just blank to see if it’s right for your needs before moving any further with a larger order, just make sure your overall timelines allow for it.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a design ready and not even sure where to start just yet, you can purchase one of our sample packs which include our full range of available material options and finishes.


For potential new customers, how a brand operates, and whether they do so sustainably, is fast becoming the most important factor in the decision-making process.

While we’re sure you want to be doing the right thing as a brand, you may not be an expert on all things sustainability, so we thought we’d break it down for you. When it comes to your eco-friendly influence, packaging can have a great impact on helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Digital printing not only offers a wide range of advantages from a manufacturing standpoint, but it also provides many eco-benefits over traditional production methods. Get familiar with a detailed look at each resource we use to ensure your inke packaging is as sustainable as possible. For full transparency, each of our product pages now has a list of these frameworks that are relatable and used within its production.

We’re also proud to have introduced 100% carbon neutral shipping into all of our deliveries.

Initiatives and partnerships

We’re proud to have reached a point where we can form partnerships and become affiliates of reputable companies to the likes of 99designs, Artboard Studio and Creative Market.

These partnerships were carefully selected to enhance your experience as an inke user, as they have been curated to do so. Everything from connecting you to designers, providing online mockup tools and a marketplace of design assets are now available exclusively through inke which should be able to assist you if ever stuck during the design process.

Furthermore, we are super happy to announce every box will now make a difference, through our support of Greening Australia we will be passing on 1.5% of all proceeds to help go toward supporting their Vision to 2030 by planting over 500,000,000 native trees and shrubs, restore over 330,000 hectares of habitat, and store over 3.3 million tonnes of carbon each year!

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