Managing lead times and inventory

inke packaging — March 10, 2021

Staying on top of numbers is one thing, but ensuring your packaging tells the right message is another. Without a brick and mortar presence, your marketing and attention to detail also need to stand out. Your packaging can say a lot about your company philosophy and is a great tool to generate brand awareness, so remember, every detail counts.

Establishing workflows to track your inventory 

Establish a workflow system that works for you and your team. Depending on how big your business is, this could be a simple spreadsheet to forecast peak sale periods or adopting a higher-level platform such as easy to use tools like Asana or Monday.com. Whichever route you go down, be sure to set reminders and take advantage of automated ordering each month.

Ensure your packaging is ordered well ahead of time. You never know when you might find you’re running low on inventory, see a sudden increase of sales, or even something as simple as the person in charge of consumables is away, and you forgot to make an order. Leave nothing to chance.

This will help ensure you always have your branded packaging on hand and at the ready, avoiding you sending anything out from the warehouse in plain, indistinguishable brown cardboard boxes. Sending your products in plain packaging will make your branding inconsistent, and it might read lazy in your consumers’ eyes.

When to order? 

If you’re running an online business, and you know you will need packaging to keep up with forecasted orders, stay ahead of it and don’t risk any shortfalls. Play it safe and get your orders in approximately 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Otherwise, please keep in mind all orders are subject to a production timeline of up to 14 business days from the order date before shipping.

However, please do note that whilst all orders are predominately shipped on time, all dates displayed are estimates only, not guarantees. As an online marketplace connecting brands with packaging manufacturers, we suggest ordering ahead of schedule for date sensitive requirements to avoid any unforeseeable delays within our production and freight network.

How long before my order arrives?

Each order placed online through our platform is subject to the same production and delivery timeframe, estimated as up to 14 business days before dispatch.

It’s important to note that the production of your order happens on a scheduled basis, not order-by-order. This means that if you were to place an order of 25 units, it doesn't necessarily mean it will arrive quicker than if you were to order, say 400 units instead.

With that being said, our network of manufacturers strives to always ship orders as soon as possible in advance of our general estimated timeframe, as we know how important it is to your business to receive your packaging sooner than later.

Once your order has been shipped, the time it will take to be delivered will naturally vary based on your location. With all orders being sent from Melbourne, Victoria using the following timeframes.

  • Metro VIC, NSW, ACT, SA: 1 business day
  • Metro QLD: 2 business days
  • Metro FNQ, WA, TAS: 3 business days
  • NT, NZ, regional areas, island territories: Up to 10 business days, *subject to freight provider demand at time of order.

You can keep up with the status of your order every step of the way by viewing its status within your dashboard, which will gradually update from new order to production and shipped, or on-hold if anything is wrong with your artwork example. Once your order is shipped, you’ll also receive an email notification with your tracking link so you can keep up to date with real-time updates.

Once your order is placed, it is sent directly to our team for processing and production within our manufacturing network. So please don’t feel the need to rush through your order or artwork creation because unless there are any issues with your uploaded file, your order will be sent straight to print.

Can I automate my ordering process? 

Yes, you can. Once you’ve made your initial order with us, all relevant information such as product details, artwork, etc. will be saved to your dashboard under the ‘Orders’ tab where you can access all of your previous order history and data which from there you can re-order any past purchases by simply clicking ‘Add to Cart.

Through the dashboard, you’ll also have the ability to access all previous tax invoices to keep your accounts team happy.

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