Making a splash with custom packaging: Skwosh Club

inke packaging — March 9, 2021

One of our first and favourite brands to work with us since our launch in 2018 is Melbourne based swimwear label Skwosh Club, which was born when three mates noticed a hole in the market for swim shorts that could take them from the beach to the bar, setting out to provide great quality shorts that were as comfy as they were stylish.

Or as they like to call it - Premium swim trunks designed in Australia. The next best thing to swimming naked.

Fast forward to 2020, and the swimwear brand is on everyone's radar with playful use of iconic Aussie icons and slang on their eye-catching designs and over 71,000 Instagram followers. They’ve also been seen on the legs of celebrities like John Legend, Ben Simmons and Ed Sheeran, to name a few. Not bad for an Australian start-up!

Since expanding their product offering to now include women’s bathers and unisex apparel, the team has seen notable spikes in revenue, with a record number of sale transactions taking place on the launch day impromptu advertising campaign.

The brand has also made a huge commitment to sustainability goals, stating that by December 2020, all polyester used in making their shorts come from recycled plastic bottles. This means every pair of Skwosh shorts will be made from eight recycled plastic bottles, resulting in less plastic in the ocean and a more sustainable swimwear option for their customers.

Since introducing branded boxes, customer engagement and product demand have increased rapidly. We’re proud to say that before all of their major success, the Skwosh team brought us on board to help create custom packaging, and two years on, they haven’t looked back.

Skwosh said that offering their branded box as an add-on for eCommerce sales helps offset costs, keeping custom packaging a feasible option and adding brand value.

“We’ve seen an improvement in customer satisfaction and branding awareness on social channels,” said Adam Walsh, Skwosh Managing Director. “We’ve had lots of great feedback from our customer base about our packaging.”

Having tried to source custom packaging in the past, the Skwosh team noted that our user-friendly self-service platform was a welcome change to the “inefficiencies” they’d experienced previously.

“The website is straightforward to use, and customer service is exceptional,” Adam said, noting that cutting out the back-and-forth communication in favour of instant ordering was a revelation.

The ability to re-order and top up on inventory as we need, knowing our packaging will be shipped to us within 14 businesses days, is a big tick for us, as we now don’t need to wait months on end for the product to arrive.”

The ability to have orders delivered directly to wherever necessary was another way working with us was easier for the team. They noted that whether they needed boxes delivered straight to their fulfilment centre or straight to a venue for a PR campaign, either way, wasn’t an issue, letting them focus on other tasks at hand.

“The inke platform is perfect for any e-commerce brand that wants to take their branding experience to the next level!”

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