How to request a custom packaging order

inke packaging — March 9, 2021


Should none of our standard sizes suit your brands' requirements, you can now browse instant quotes using any custom dimensions you need.

Keep reading for more information on how to make this request and purchase custom sized packaging online.

Explore our options first

Before you request a custom-sized option, we strongly suggest that you consider all of our existing options first, available through our online store.

The reason being is that these sizes will provide you with instant access to everything you'll need to entirely self-service your order, from design templates to instant pricing on thousands of printing options.

The benefits of using these sizes also allow you to order in smaller volume and reduce your overall costs as they are a part of our regular production cycle; you'll avoid any additional set up fees.

Using these options will allow you to also trial and sample your design across a wide range of sizes to gain complete confidence before committing to a larger order with us.

👋 Click here for more information on our size guide.

Get an instant quote

Gain instant pricing using your specific dimensions and printing options by using our custom packaging tool.

Using this feature will allow you to choose between the following styles; Mailer, Shipper or Product (which at the core pretty much make up all of our standard options) and receive an instant quote for between 250-1000 units.

This option accommodates a low-run custom packaging project without paying any setup costs on a more significant production.

Whilst there isn't a setup fee, the production process is typically slower compared to our online store option, which is the reasoning as to why the costs are higher in comparison.

Alternatively, for orders above 1000 units using custom dimensions, you can request a quote with our team for cost-effective long term solutions. However, do keep in mind orders above this threshold do require an initial set up fee on your first order (which is only a one-time payment). We will outline this clearly for you on any of our quote submissions.

Creating an order

When using the custom packaging tool, like or online store products, you'll be able to review instant pricing and create a new order online. However, you will not gain access to a custom design template until your purchase is confirmed, as it needs to be made by our team on request.

To effectively use this tool to create an order, all you need to do is choose your packaging style, enter your required internal dimensions (Length x Width x Height) before choosing your printing requirements such as material, flute, print option and quantity.

Once all fields are completed, click on the 'calculate price' button, which will become available to review that product's instant quote for purchase consideration.

What happens next?

Once your quote has been reviewed and confirmed, add the product to your shopping cart and continue to finalise your order online.

Your order will then be processed, and its status set to awaiting template, available through your dashboard.

Please allow our team between *1-3 business days for creating your template to return for you to apply your artwork.

Once you have completed your design and returned it to our team, we will process it into production and update your dashboard status for you to track through to its dispatch just like any other order.

👋 Click here for more information on how to create an order online.

Can I order a sample of my custom size first?

You can organise a sample of your packaging using your custom dimensions and material selections by following the processes outlined above; however, selecting your quantity at one unit.

Please note that custom-sized sample orders of one unit are produced as blank prototypes and will not include any custom templates for you to apply the artwork.

Otherwise, if you're in a position to do so, proceed to place an order for 250 units (our minimum quantity), and we'll send you a die-line to apply your artwork before producing your order!

When ordering custom packaging using internal dimensions, if measuring against your physical product to be exact, it is a good idea to consider adding 5-10mm as a tolerance to ensure the perfect fit.

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