How to connect with and hire a graphic designer

inke packaging — March 9, 2021


We understand that not everybody knows how to create a design. This has proven to be the main barrier in stopping many users from ordering the custom packaging of their dreams.

We're proud to announce a hassle-free solution around this by partnering with global freelance design marketplace 99designs (owned by Vistaprint). This alliance gives users direct access to a simplistic online design brief entirely tailored to your requirements, allowing users to be connected with designers across the globe that fit their needs.

This feature is exclusive to inke packaging users and was designed to make your experience with us more enjoyable than ever. We'll explain more about how it works below.

Download your template

Before you create your design brief, it's a good idea to have your design template ready, as you'll need to upload this for your designer to edit. So ensure you have the correct file handy.

If you don't already have one, you can download a product template from our online store.

Create your design brief

You can access the online design brief directly from this link or our Design Help page at a later date.

From this link, you'll find a simple to follow form where you can provide as much detail as you like, covering all things from brand guidelines, essential information, inspiration and everything else in between.

Provide this information accordingly and upload your required product template to finalise your brief, or otherwise referred to as 'contest.'

Once your contest is submitted, you'll then select an option as to how soon you want your design back (starting from as little as 48 hours), along with a budget of what you're willing to pay for it.

👋 When providing a budget, keep in mind that it is reasonable and fair for the designers time, as ultimately it is the designers who will choose whether or not to accept your contest.

99designs will provide you with an estimated price guide for your consideration; however, it is entirely up to you.

Connect with designers

Based on your selections and provided budget, 99designs will match you with a network of excellent designers who meet your criteria.

You can then review these designers previous works before creating a shortlist of your preferences and inviting them to create your quoted design based on your contest.

Once your shortlist has been confirmed, relax whilst awaiting submissions for your final review at the deadline you have provided.

As you review your submissions, all you need to do is select your favourite one, and the design is yours! The creator of that design has then deemed the winner of your contest and will be paid the total quoted amount of your brief.

You'll then receive your production-ready files to place an order through our online store, along with full copyright and ownership of your new design.

Finalise your order

Once your contest has been complete, and you have your new design file available. Head over to our online store to confirm your order.

👋 Click here for more information on how to create an order online.

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