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inke packaging — March 9, 2021


Our self-service platform has been designed to provide you with all the tools needed to manage your brands packaging inventory online in the most straightforward way possible.

Create your free account to claim $20 off your first order and access your personalised dashboard to ensure the best possible experience when viewing our product range.

You can also follow this guide before placing your order to gain instant quotes on your proposed packaging without creating or uploading a design, as highlighted below.

Download your template

Start by downloading a design template from our online store by choosing your preferred category within this range.

To download your template, select your size from the options available and click on the blue button that says download template. This will then allow you to choose the editable version in the Adobe software of your choice.

You'll then have access to a folder that includes your product template and our printing guidelines as an overview to help prepare your design.

We'll also email you some helpful tips to guide you through your journey, so be sure to provide the correct mailing details. Otherwise, if you need any help, checkout the links below!

👋 Click here for more information on how to apply your design.

👩‍🎨 Click here to connect with freelance designers.

Review your options

With your artwork at the ready, revisit our online store and reselect your product category and size option that you have designed for and intend to purchase to ensure you view the correct pricing data.

Once that has been confirmed, you can gain access to instant pricing by selecting your product options such as material, print option and mode, which we'll highlight further below.

  • Material - Refers to the surface on which your design is printed. This selection should be considered before creating your artwork, as each material will offer different results.
  • Print option - Refers to if your design is being printed single or double-sided (or none at all). Meaning that if single-sided is selected, only one side of your packaging will be printed, and vice-versa for double-sided. So be sure that your selection matches your uploaded design.
  • Print mode - Generally, only matte printing mode is available across most options due to the materials using uncoated surfaces. However, for Folding cartons or products listed with LUX Coat as a material option, you can select 'gloss' as the printing mode due to the coated surface.

Once your printing selections have been confirmed to reflect your design, choose a quantity option from the available fields to review an instant quote for consideration.

Upload your design (PDF)

Once your order selections have been reviewed and you are happy to proceed, upload your PDF design into the field provided within the product tool.

Once your file has successfully uploaded to our server, the add to cart button will become available for you to click, creating a new shopping cart containing your order specifications and artwork.

Please note, you will need to be logged into your account before creating a new cart (which you can do after uploading your artwork). However, if you haven't already, you can sign up for your free account to save doing it later.

Confirm your order

Like any other eCommerce platform, once your order has been added to your shopping cart, all you need to do is follow the prompts through to finalising your order.

Please review the order selections in your shopping cart and choose a shipping method that best suits your requirements before making payment and confirming your order.

You can then track the status of your orders through your dashboard and will receive a live tracking link once it has been shipped from our warehouse.

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