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inke packaging — March 9, 2021


We understand that brands require to prototype and trial before committing to any new investment. The same goes for their packaging. Whether it's to test a new size or design, it's a good idea to make sure you're 100% satisfied before proceeding any further.

We're catering to this by eliminating the need to fork out huge sums for sample production and (or) dealing with offshore lead times. Using our platform, you can self-service your sample order on your terms.

👋 Keep in mind that as we work to reduce waste, all of our products are made to order, meaning that not everything is available for immediate dispatch (except for our sample packs), so whilst generally produced quicker than regular orders, please do allow our general timeframes into each purchase.

Standard sizes (1 unit)

Sample orders using our standard size range are available from as little as one unit (except for 2 SKUs, more on this below). Meaning you can trial your design across any size to see what will work best for you long-term.

💥 The pricing works in your favour when you scale, so we recommend a minimum order of 10 units (if suitable), as you'll receive a better return on your investment, given lead times are the same for both.

👋 Click here for more information on how to create an order online.

Standard sizes (500 units)

As mentioned earlier, two of our products within our customisable range, unfortunately, have higher minimum order requirements of 500 units due to the setup requirements to produce each item.

These are our Folding cartons and Sleeved mailer boxes. Which, simply put, are not viable to produce samples in lower quantities using a custom design.

Sample packs

Alternatively, if you're unsure what you need or not ready to commit to a design yet, a solid starting point is to purchase one of our sample packs.

Each sample pack includes a full range of our material options, each printed using carefully curated designs to be as informative as possible.

👋 Please note, sample packs are not your custom designs or sizes. These are already pre-made and ready to ship on order.

Custom sizes

Should none of our standard sized options suit your requirements, you can take advantage of our custom packaging tool and instead order a one-off sample using your specific dimensions.

Custom sizes are less economical for us to offer in smaller volume, so naturally, the minimum order for this is 250 units should you choose to proceed with an order later.

👋 Click here for more information on how to request a custom packaging order.

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