How personalisation can boost your brand experience

inke packaging — March 2, 2022

Have you been in the eCommerce game for a while but reached a bit of a plateau where customer experience is concerned? Wondering what more you could be doing to create meaningful moments for your shoppers?

If there’s something you (and we) can definitely attest to, it’s probably that things always feel more special when they’re just for us. Right? We’re willing to wager your customers feel the same way.

So how can you capitalise on that feeling and deliver results for your brand? Personalisation! Here are some of our favourite ways to add a personal touch to your customer experience.

Including personalised leave-behinds

Remember in primary school when you’d pass notes to your friends in class, how thrilling it was? Better yet, the feeling of receiving one from your crush? This is how your customers feel when you throw in a personalised thank you note with their order. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and is relatively cost-effective, but can have maximum impact on your overall brand experience.

Personal offers

The best way to get your customers talking about your brand is to make them feel special, right? So creating personalised offers based on their past shopping behaviours will not only help you capture more sales but it will tell your best customers you know them well.

Personalised packaging

When designing your new boxes, including a space to leave a note for your customers can be a great way to level up your brand experience.

Our friends at @thehappyboxau have done just this, designing the outside of their boxes to create a special first impression for recipients. Inside the box, they’ve also left a sweet message to say the package was hand-selected just for the recipient, plus, they’ve taken our first piece of advice and each order includes a sweet leave behind note.

Just having the right box!

While shopping instore is often an interactive experience that people get to enjoy with friends, online shopping is much more personal, and people often do it solo. Bridging the gap between store and shopper, therefore, can be a bit tricky.

Showing your customers that you’re detail-oriented and that you pay attention to what makes the right fit is as simple as having a box that fits perfectly around whatever is inside. Doing this tells your customer that you’re committed to creating a consistent, positive shopping experience for them.

Is your brand ready to make the switch to custom packaging? Get started now by downloading a design template!

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