How package design can communicate brand identity

inke packaging — March 11, 2021

Why great design is essential

For eCommerce businesses, the design can be the most important aspect to nail to communicate your brand’s identity. Packaging, then, is essential for delivering not only your products but also brand awareness to your customers’ doorstep.

Research finds that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

The great design places your product in front of your customers' minds. It triggers them with a visual memory of what they love about your service, what it represents to them and why they continue to buy it. It subtly communicates your key messages, what you stand for and what sets you apart from your competition.

Remember - things are purchased based on emotion.

As humans, we favour what is visually stimulating to us because we associate visual superiority with quality. The first glance of a design can showcase the quality of a product to the consumer.

Think about a recent delivery you received in plain packaging. What kind of impression did it leave? You perhaps felt like your purchase was insignificant to the brand on the whole. Using branded packaging reminds your customer that you care about the entire experience, and you prioritise strong brand awareness through lasting impressions.

Why online businesses need to incorporate great design

Online businesses share a common disadvantage: a sense of smell, the sensation of touch, and hearing sound are taken away from the shopping experience.

As an online business, we miss that crucial first interaction with our customers that retail stores stand to gain, so whilst we offer a more convenient way to interact with our consumer, we need to ensure that we are leaving the right, lasting impressions that will see them return in the future.

Customers can only use their sense of judgment and rely on the product and its design to be visually stimulating. When designing your packaging, remember to be consistent with your branding and drive your key message through details.

Think about when you’re trying to decide between two relatively priced items online. Most times, you’re likely to decide based on the design alone because the other sensations aren’t available to sway your decision.

It’s been said up to 95% of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. Feelings drive us, and emotion is what drives consumer purchasing behaviours and decision-making in general. So ensure that you’re giving your brand every chance possible to stay at the fore in a rapidly innovating market.

Packaging design reestablishes why your customer has made a good choice. Striking packaging and representative of your product will reaffirm your consumer that you care about their experience from start to finish. The details always count, and you’d be amazed at how they can influence ongoing brand loyalty.

Creating your package design

Take a leaf from one of our industry-disrupting clients, Dimple contacts.

Dimple opted to work with leading Sydney based design agency Universal Favourite to create a unique tone of voice, clever copy and signature brand book.

The concept saw the hues chosen for the package design to marry up with the colour coding of each contact option, to create a seamless and uniform aesthetic. They then took these design principles to be transitioned across to their package design, of which each customers subscription mailer box arrived.

The concept worked so well that their packaging was awarded at the Good Design Awards 2019 in the Branding & Identity and Packaging categories.

Bottom line? They researched their target market, put consistency above everything else and took their time to create the perfect design.

If you're not quite ready for that type of investment or level into branding, a great place to start as a convenient alternative is through our partnership with 99designs, which connects you with freelance designers from across the globe based on your requirements.

Don’t rush and risk constant rebranding

Like Dimple, we recommend taking it slow to innovate your brands' design to ensure it aligns with your offering. Constantly changing your brand identity may confuse your following. Take your time, trial, test, repeat and perfect...

If your budget and timelines allow for it, we'd always recommend taking advantage of our low minimum orders and purchase 1 or 10 units of your packaging from our online store using your 'final' artwork so that you can gain full confidence in the results before committing to a larger order.

After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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