How our favourite brands are nailing their custom packaging

inke packaging — March 2, 2022

We love seeing new orders roll in because it means we get a sneak peek at the latest packaging designs our favourite aussie brands have created. It’s also a great chance for us to see what new design styles and elements are trending and how they’re incorporated into a brand’s identity.

We’ve rounded up below what some of our mates are doing well with their custom packaging.


The men's personal care brand changing the game, STUFF has their, well, stuff figured out.

Stuff uses custom packaging not only for consignment, but also to house their bundles.

On the outside of their boxes they have their instantly identifiable branding accompanied by fun illustrations, while inside you’ll find messaging around the brand’s purpose and the benefits of the products.

STUFF’s packaging design is the perfect blend of functional and fun, and puts an instant smile on your face.

Who Gives a Crap

Known for their signature brightly-patterned toilet rolls, Who Gives A Crap’s packaging is as playful as its name. They recently worked with us to create a range of boxes for a fun promo. Their box design included plenty of witty copy, all printed in black and white to contrast the bright colour of the TP inside.

Manflower Co

Manflower has designed their gift boxes to be ready to go, with vibrant colours and patterns and bold, punchy typography. With different gift options and designs for every occasion, they’ve included their signature logo on their boxes’ exteriors and more detailed illustrations and designs inside as a fun surprise for recipients.

If they didn’t already have the men's gifting market cornered, their use of clever custom packaging to provide a simple, no-fuss solution that looks great and doesn’t even require wrapping is sure to see them killing the game for years to come.

Mr Consistent

Consistent by name, consistent by nature. Our favourite suppliers of cocktail mixers, Mr Consistent have their signature pastel branded packaging, but where they go that one step further is with what’s inside the box. Our custom box dividers keep individual bottles in place, and raffia not only gives the unboxing experience a nice extra touch, but provides some extra padding to ensure fragile bottles and glassware arrive safely.

Ready to join our stable of beloved Aussie brands making the most of their custom packaging? Get started today - download a template.

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