Benefits of Getting Personal With Your Packaging

inke packaging — January 1, 2021

We know that custom packaging makes a statement – but what if you could tailor the message to suit different audiences?

By now, you know how valuable custom packaging can be as a marketing tool. Creating an experience for customers who otherwise may not have any physical interaction with your brand is crucial in today’s competitive market.

While nailing your brand’s packaging will have a significant impact on things like brand loyalty & social media presence, it’s hard to put together a design that will speak to each & every customer. Data suggests that for 86% of consumers, personalised packaging directly influences their decision to purchase.

Creating & ordering runs of different designs in the past may have been a costly undertaking, not feasible for businesses with budget limitations. But technology has advanced & we’ve now got the solutions to tailor your packaging within a single run. Here’s why you should get on board.

Get more bang for your buck

We promised you the ability to print multiple designs within a single order, & our secret weapon behind it – variable data printing.

Variable data printing uses software to change the printing output, based on data & information. In layman’s terms – you can have a bank of designs uploaded to the printer, & receive a set quantity of each within a single job!

At inke, we offer variable data printing at no extra cost – so you can run campaigns with different variations or messaging to ensure you’re impacting as many customers as possible (& who doesn’t like the chance to get a bit more creative, too?)

If you’re only looking to order a small number of boxes, you’re still able to try out different variations & messaging without having to meet minimums & pay shipping on separate orders. And if you notice one design is more popular or effective than the rest – you’ve got everything you need to order another run to meet demand.

Make your customers feel special

Whether you’re sending out PR, recognising your most loyal fans or just wanting to do something a little special for your customers – getting personal with packaging has a huge impact on perceptions of your brand.

Imagine opening a package to see your name inside, or a direct message from the brand whom you just purchased from – that’s definitely not something you see every day! But this is the kind of impact at your disposal when you use variable data printing (VDP).

VDP also gives the opportunity to tailor branding by where the box is going (feature Melbourne inspired artwork or influencers on Victorian orders); what’s inside it (coffee companies could create boxes that reflect the origins of the beans in the order) or even customer’s birthdays (the zodiac trend is here to stay).

From a practical perspective, franchise businesses can easily create packaging tailored to each location within one order; featuring local contact information & messaging while keeping a consistent brand identity across the business. It sounds like it should be harder – but it’s really that easy.

Create a point of difference

One of the best things about using VDP is the flexibility it offers. Brands no longer need to feel held back by things like minimum orders & turnaround times to capitalise on trends or smaller ecommerce dates (inke will get your boxes to you within 14 business days of placing your order).

Imagine being able to order your boxes according to quarterly activations, & not having to worry about boxes going unused. Imagine being able to participate in Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day, even if these don’t get as much traffic as other key retail dates. This is now a reality, made possible through using variable data printing.

Keeping your brand current & capitalising on the events that other brands may not take part in is a surefire way to capture attention within your market, building word of mouth & creating more unique touch points for consumers to interact with your brand.

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