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inke packaging — March 9, 2021

Le Club, which launched in June 2020, and is helmed by Clos Cachet’s Alex Rougeot, a fifth-generation winemaker and sommelier, gives subscribers access to quality French wines and perfectly matched recipes to create the ultimate wining and dining experience.

The subscription service was born after noticing a gap in both the subscription wine market and the offerings of his business Clos Cachet, which imports French wines for independent bottle shops and fine diners and restaurants.

In a time where there have never been more wine delivery services in Australia, Le Club has managed to carve a niche by providing the wine selections of every Francophile’s dreams.

Hailing from the French Cote D’Or in Burgundy makes Rougeot the authority on French wine in Melbourne and beyond. Accompanied by sommelier Tristan Vinson, whose experience spans from designing wine lists for Scott Pickett and Andrew McConnell to the Broadsheet Kitchen and Cumulus Inc., the team’s passion for wine means members of Le Club are guaranteed an authentic French experience.

Because of the brand’s unique offering, they knew that it would need custom printed packaging to deliver to its subscribers from the beginning. Saying Le Club required something “that could, in a glimpse, tell our story and provide confidence to our members.”

Le Club likens the unboxing experience to that of a fine dining restaurant. “Arrive at the restaurant, be seated, then order drinks and a meal before the sommelier enters to introduce the wine. Le Club relies on its packaging to be the Maitre d’ that welcomes you to your French wine experience. The wine and accompanying tasting notes are your at-home sommelier.” - (Cheers to that, Alex, we agree!)

Le Club opted for our new wine mailer boxes for a secure transit option that provides an unboxing experience like no other. Our wine mailers gave Le Club the chance to deliver in style, telling their brand’s story with a custom design.

Le Club offers subscriptions of either 2 or 3 bottles, so they decided to trial a different design on each size before committing to a full run (because with us, you can!)

Their pilot batch of packaging was sent out to members in June, and Rougeot says, “so far, the feedback has been really great and positive. The wine has arrived safely, and we are seeing a high conversion of customer engagement through people sharing their deliveries on social media with friends.”

“French wine is very well seen and appreciated in Australia, but there was no subscription making it accessible to the new generation of wine drinkers.”

Subscriptions to Le Club start at $98 a box, with contents increasing in quantity and quality by price.

Each tier includes a monthly selection of two, three or four wines, tasting notes, and recipes paired to the month’s offerings and designed by top chefs.

Le Club prides itself on providing a unique, unrivalled French wine experience, giving you access to some of the best wines each region has to offer and that you won’t find anywhere else. Or, as they like to call it, “a French vacation for your tastebuds!”

The team at Le Club are looking forward to continuing to grow their subscription service and say having a local supplier like inke will be a big asset to their startup journey.

“The ability to access instant quotes and quickly re-order inventory with no minimum orders or restrictions to artwork, all in our own time, really assists by allowing us to spend more time focusing on our customer feedback to implement back into our business.”

You can begin your French wine journey today by visiting

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