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inke packaging — February 17, 2021

With growing pressure from consumers for brands to be mindful of their environmental impact, using eco-friendly packaging is more important than ever, and it’s only going to get bigger.

As eCommerce and online shopping continue to boom, retailers send out countless packages every week to consumers. As a result, easy packaging that can be quickly assembled in large numbers has long been a favourite for shipping items.

But Australia has seen a growing push for sustainability in the retail space – and with more consumers becoming concerned about brands’ environmental impact, it’s likely that environmentally friendly packaging will soon cease to be optional.

We’re often asked about the sustainability resources of our packaging. So we wanted to explain a bit more about how our custom packaging can positively impact the environment, so you can rest easy knowing your brand is doing its part.

We use recyclable materials

Once the initial joy of receiving a package has faded, your consumer may look to repurpose your gorgeous design, which we encourage as our products can be re-used many times over post initial use – but chances are, they’ll look to dispose of their items’ packaging within a week or two.

Making your boxes recyclable makes it easy for your customers to discard your packaging correctly – it can be a time-consuming process to remove non-biodegradable elements from traditional packaging (like bubble wrap), creating a barrier for consumers to recycle.

All corrugated (cardboard) material used to produce the packaging we supply is sourced from local and leading Australian paper mills that use materials from PEFC and FSC accredited manufacturers to produce their cardboard. These materials alone are recyclable and can be sent to any recycling facility to be processed into renewable fibreboard mediums.

We like to keep things local. Buying our materials and basing all production from a trusted network of Australian suppliers helps us minimise emissions and control our product's environmental and ethical impacts.

Furthermore, all excess off-cut waste used in producing your packaging is recycled and renewed into corrugated materials, helping to create an eco-friendly, circular economy.

We help cut down on wasted space

We’ve all received an online order before and opened the enormous box only to find our tiny item buried in excessive amounts of plastic and packaging. This may be due to the seller of that item being restricted to certain ready-made sizes by their supplier and having no other choice but to use these sizes to avoid paying pesky set-up fees.

On average, up to 40% of every parcel shipped today is just air, meaning a lot of packaging is unnecessarily going to waste, which also negatively affects the efficiency of reducing carbon emissions due to the effects of transit.

As a standard, we offer a large variety of sizes across all of our categories to help you find the closest match to your product size without having to pay for any setup fees (we cover all that!). This means you can change between sizes at your leisure to ensure what you’re ordering is working best for your brand and customers. Using the right-sized box not only cuts down your environmental impact but can help bring your shipping costs down too.

If you can’t find your size online, we also offer the ability to enter your own dimensions and get an instant quote for custom packaging for orders between 250 - 1000 units.

Anything more than that, request a quote with our team. Custom orders are subject to a setup cost that will ensure more cost-effective packaging over the long term, so we can’t provide instant pricing.

Standard and custom sizes are available at as low as 1 unit so that you can try any size before committing to a larger order.

Sustainable production and carbon neutral shipping

Forgoing traditional printing methods, all of our packaging ordered online is produced using a CMYK digital printing process, which not only provides you with the freedom to print whatever design and colours you want without any artwork set up fees, it offers a range of environmental benefits from a production point of view — Get familiar with the benefits of digital printing.

This is a print-on-demand type process, meaning it doesn’t require excess material to produce your packaging, unlike for larger runs using traditional processes, which by nature of how they’re produced, require up to 10-15% excess material per printing cycle.

With Digital printing, there is also no minimum order requirement, allowing you to order smaller print runs or simply as much you need at the time of order, meaning nothing will be wasted to meet minimum order requirements.

Digital printing also positively impacting the environment by reducing air pollution by using inks that do not emit any VOCs into the atmosphere, which also helps create a safer workplace for the employees who work hard to bring your packaging to life.

Once your order is complete and ready for despatch, it is sent through our courier network using a carbon-neutral delivery service. How? Our freight partner’s 100% carbon offset program is provided on every shipment at no extra cost.

Greening Australia

This is something we are super stoked about and think your customers will be too! We’re happy to announce that we’re supporting Greening Australia by passing on 1.5% of all proceeds to their great cause, as we care about conserving our precious country.

So not only will each new order you place help this cause, you can now proudly say that you and your brand are contributing to a great initiative to help maintain our country’s beautiful landscape.

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