Do more with less: how minimalist package design creates memorable experiences

inke packaging — March 2, 2022

With more ways online to reach potential clients than ever before, consumers are constantly bombarded with in-your-face, “attention here” marketing ads.

“Overwhelmed” would probably be an understatement when describing the experience of most consumers in the Internet Age.

With the influx of excess, sometimes the best way to stand out is to have minimalist product packaging design. Give your customers a break, a fresh way to genuinely experience your brand identity, and let the integrity of your products do the talking.

That’s why we’re here to give you some of our favourite tips and ideas for minimalist packaging!

Why should I go for minimalist product packaging?

As a design concept, minimalism is driven by the idea that less is more. Design elements are pared down to only the essential, and what’s left is presented in the simplest way possible, without extra embellishments.

Minimalist packaging is the direct opposite of other packaging design trends in the market right now, that opt for more loud and overbearing packaging designs. For this reason, minimalist packaging can actually encourage your product to stand out, giving a better impression of the quality of the product, and allowing customers to be excited to see what your product has to offer.

Tips for Minimalist Packaging

1. Colour Scheme

Minimalist packaging means sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme as much as possible. If your company has a signature brand colour you usually include in your products or social media posts, it's always a good idea to translate that into your packaging.

Take notes from one of our favourite brands Big Little Things. Incorporating their signature soft pink colourway into their packaging design gives off a very minimalist, clean and consistent feel.

If your brand doesn't have a signature colour scheme, don’t fret! You could also use a brown kraft carton, matched with simple black text or graphics. Or a clay white cardboard box with the same design.

2. Fonts/Text

Typography plays a major role in giving your packaging an instant minimalist look. As with colours, if you need a font that will work well in a minimalist design, there are several qualities that you can look for:

- Fonts comprising clean lines, crisp edges, and simple strokes.

- Fonts with geometric shapes that help to add more depth to each letter sequence.

- An open or airy appearance: created by white space within or between letters.

Swedish skincare brand Verso is a great example of how typography can help to create a minimalist feel for a product. With its clean black on white design and its use of larger and smaller fonts, it demonstrates a crisp, cleanliness with minimal fuss - a great message for a skin care product.

3.Shapes and patterns

Who said that going for minimalist packaging means letting go of all your previous patterns and design ideas? Not us!

With minimalist packaging, incorporating geometric shapes, subtle patterns or abstract designs will actually help to give your packaging a touch of personality. Just make sure to use it sparingly.

Your designs or shapes should complement, but not take away attention from what's most important: your brand's message! Remember that minimalism is all about focusing on the essentials. When it comes to packaging, your brand’s catchphrase or logo should definitely be at the forefront.

Check out this bright yet minimalist design created by Thankyou for their collaboration with Sage x Clare. Their packaging still incorporates the vibrant shapes that make Sage x Clare special without being too much. What attracts attention are the details - smart, catchy phrases or any stand-out logos.

If you’re ready to create memorable minimalist packaging for your brand, request a quote or shop our range of custom packaging with specific sizes today.

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