Using Digital Printing To Make Your Brand Stand Out

inke packaging — December 2, 2020

Ready to be different? Custom printed packaging lets you communicate your brand’s personality, but selecting the right printing option is a crucial step.

When it comes to printing, the method you choose can affect the end result.

Custom packaging is our thing, and for us, digital printing is the way to go. We use digital printing to put brands in the spotlight, with the freedom to create a striking first impression with printed custom packaging.

We’re letting you in on all you need to know about digitally printed packaging. For inspiration and insight into how you can use digital printing for your brand’s custom packaging, read on.

What is digital printing and when should you use it?

Digital printing is the new age of print! You aren’t limited by the use of colours, and the set-up fees are non-existent so it’s easier and cost-effective for ordering smaller quantities on demand.

Get the freedom to create

Your design possibilities are endless with digital printing. When you want to stand out from the crowd, digital printing gives you the ability to create freely. Print an abundance of vibrant colours and different designs in high quality. We won’t limit your imagination.

Variable data printing

This flexibility is possible through a little something called variable data printing. Beyond the jargon, this essentially means that it’s super easy to print any amount of different designs across your next packaging run.

Want to use 10 different designs with different names, colours and images across your 100 boxes? No worries, and no extra costs! With inke, just let us know with a custom quote request.

More bang for your buck

Not only is it cost-effective for set-up, but it means there’s no minimum order quantity. It’s the perfect, must-choose option for smaller quantity orders like 1,000 to 2,000 units. For something larger, tell us about your job here so we can provide you with a free quote. If you like what you see, we can go ahead. If not, no hard feelings!

Depending on the size of the packaging required, quantities up to 10,000 are still more cost-effective than other printing options.

Some key design considerations

Stick to solid colours for the best effect. Some light colours can be slightly altered by the natural colour of the stock used. Use bold colour in your design to avoid cardboard showing through faint ink.

Let your design do the talking and remember that less is always more. Packaging design trends are moving towards less small text and focusing on making bolder statements.

inke uses digital printing to provide an easy, quality and cost-effective option for anyone who needs low run prints and doesn’t want to be knocked over by large setup costs and turnaround times.

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